New Year’s Eve IN Style: Ideas to Celebrate at Home

Before, New Year’s was all about finding a great party, dancing with my friends, drinking a bit too much, and staying out as late as possible (which if I’m being honest was never really that late compared to everyone else). New Year’s Eve is a little bit different these days. And let’s be real. It has nothing to do with my age. Sure, I’m older now but that’s not what makes me want to throw on my comfiest clothes, chill on my couch with a good bottle of wine while I watch the ball drop. It’s my kids.

Family with sparklers celebrating New Year's Eve in their homeDo I want to pay an arm and a leg for a babysitter so that I can struggle to keep myself out until past 12:00? Just so that I can struggle the next morning being exhausted while all my kids want to do is run around and play? No, I do not. I want to spend New Year’s Eve with my kids. At home. Laughing. Comfy. And maybe slightly rested. My age just happens to coincide with the fact I now have kids.

So now, instead of getting out for New Year’s Eve, we prefer to stay in.

However, just because we made it a night in, doesn’t mean that New Year’s Eve has lost its spark. There are so many fun ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve in, at home, with the kids.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve IN Style

Slumber Party for All

My family recently started a tradition of inviting another family over for a sleepover on New Year’s Eve. And when I say the family, I mean the whole family – parents and all! Just because it’s a New year’s Eve in doesn’t mean that adults can’t have friends over too. The kids love having sleepovers, so why can’t parents get in on the fun? We have our good family friends sleep over so that the kids can play and the parents can too. We love the idea that no one has to worry about driving (on a night people are typically drinking) or paying for surge-priced Uber. Plus, I love having my friends over in the morning to have an indulgent New Year’s Day breakfast.


New Year’s Eve is all about the glitz and glam so decorations are the time to add some sparkle. Hats, noise makers, balloons, and banners are always a safe bet when it comes to decorating. My favorite balloons are filled with confetti or glitter. If you are feeling more ambitious with the balloons, you can always go for something like a balloon garland kit.  For those looking for some extra ways to decorate and personalize, festive cups and cocktail napkins are two fun ways to step up your décor.

Comfort and Style

I am always a fan of comfort so New Year’s Eve at home is right up my alley. Pajamas for the win! You can go for family matching pajamas or choose your favorite ones to wear. Either way you can’t go wrong with comfort.

Food and Drink

When it comes to food and drinks, you can’t go wrong. Some people (like my husband) love cooking and will go to great lengths to cook a special New Year’s Eve meal. Others, like me, prefer to just get a bunch of snacking foods and munch throughout the night.

For the kids, there are lots of ways to make the food fun and on theme. Or if you are into minimal prep work (which I am 100% a fan of), you can also do everyone’s favorite of ordering in pizza or Chick-fil-A – always a win.

Drinks can be another fun part of the holiday festivities. While alcoholic beverages are one option, mocktails are another other fun idea for having special non-alcoholic drinks for both kids and adults.


Games are always a good way to get everyone laughing and having a great time. Games are a great way to get the whole family playing together but also continue the fun once the kids go to sleep. Remember, just because the kids are asleep doesn’t mean you must stop playing games.


Whether it’s sparklers for the kids or watching a show on TV, fireworks are always part of a New Year’s Eve In celebration. I have young kids, so even though they stay up later than usual on New Year’s Eve, they still miss out on fireworks. We find a New Year’s countdown and fireworks show on YouTube, so that the kids get a chance to participate in the excitement of the countdown.

No matter how you celebrate or what you do, New Year’s Eve is an exciting and fun time to spend with those you love. How do you plan on spending your New Year’s Eve?

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Elyssa Gottheim
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