Nursing and Pumping Around Houston

I’m attending a conference in Houston today – my first one since becoming a mom! And once childcare was arranged, my next biggest worry was about pumping.  Where could I pump… The bathroom stall?  Gross.  Private corner with a nursing cover? Awkward.  Car?  Inconvenient.  Just bring the baby?  While a great option for many, I suffer from ‘new mom syndrome’ and worry about being too disruptive.   After racking my brain, I finally did what any smart, logical woman would do…I asked!  And good thing, because the conference organizers already had ‘lactation accommodations’ made so that moms could use a private office when needed.  Problem solved!  And I learned a great lesson too :: don’t be afraid to ask!

Since the topic of nursing and pumping around Houston was fresh on my mind, I knew that I could not be the only one who ended up in situations such as this.  So I decided to ask other Houston moms what their experiences have been, and I got lots of great options that I want to share with you.

The Car

Tons of moms find pumping in their car the best option when traveling, at work, or just out and about.  I talked to moms who have nursed in all kinds of parking lots – from Starbucks to a tattoo parlor and everything in between!   And everyone agreed that this is a great option if you are able to find a quiet spot in a safe area.  If pumping, be sure to have a car adapter, wipes to clean your parts, ice packs with a cooler to store your precious milk, and a bottle of water…for you. A nursing cover is a great idea too just in case you end up in a high traffic area.  My friend Erin realized she was nursing to an audience one day at a fast food parking lot!  “Excuse me, would you like some milk with your fries?”

PumpingOntheGoCar adapter – Cooler Milk Storage – Medela Quick Clean WipesBoppy Nursing Cover

A Bathroom Stall

The car seems to be preferred over a bathroom stall…but it’s definitely an option when you’re in a crunch.   Let’s just hope it’s a very clean one for you!

A Dressing Room

A dressing room is a great place because it’s quiet {in most stores, at least}, air conditioned, and private.  This could work too as a place to pump as long as you can find an electrical outlet or have a battery backup for your pump.  I had to nurse once in a Talbot’s dressing room when out shopping for work clothes at the end of my maternity leave, and it worked out great!

Retail Stores

Many spots around Houston are nursing friendly with special rooms and accommodations.  Check out Babies’R’Us, Nurtured Family, A Woman’s Work,  Memorial City Mall, and Nordstrom.


You’re hungry.  Why wouldn’t your baby be too?  While many women don’t feel comfortable nursing in public, others are okay as long as they are covered.  Aden & Anais swaddle blankets work great as nursing covers {the breathable material is perfect for Houston!} and then can double as a stroller blanket for your babe in the A/C too.  Another friend said she felt more comfortable nursing in a restaurant if she could sit outside.  Patio?  Escalante’s comes to mind!

Chelsea Restaurant Outing

Other Spots to Try

The Houston Zoo and the Children’s Museum of Houston have both been listed as great places to nurse or pump.  Check out the site for more places in Houston that are deemed ‘nursing friendly’ too.

Just be prepared – sometimes it doesn’t go as planned.  You might get strange looks or feel uncomfortable.  The best thing you can do during times like these is to laugh and remember that you are not alone.  Whether it’s your boss approaching your car to chat while you are hooked to your breast pump or causing an entire courtroom to go on recess just so you can pump…we’ve been there, and we understand.

I would love to hear your stories of nursing and pumping around Houston…the good, the bad, and the ugly!  Favorite places you want to recommend?  Funny stories?  Please share!


  1. I can’t count the number of weird looks I got while sitting in my car pumping! And I’ve totally nursed in a dressing room- so convenient! And I’ll own it- I’m totally the one that made the court call recess so I can pump! haha

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences Heather!! Until I became a mom I totally would have been giving those weird looks not knowing what pumping looked like and wondering what people were doing in their car. I guess education is the best tool for that.

  2. Oh, the places me and my lactating boobies have been. Ha!! (Just today I nursed Hadley in the car at a park!) After my combined two years of pumping and nursing, I think my best tip is just to be comfortable and proud of what you are doing. Because honestly – most people are either proud of you for doing what you are doing too…or are completely oblivious to it!


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