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Playlearning with LingokidsAs so many of you, I am struggling to keep things new and exciting for my kids these days. Not that I’m looking to add cruise director to my growing list of job titles these days, but it’s always nice to have a few tricks up my sleeve that help make the day run a bit smoother.

We’ve put together a good {albeit very loose} schedule, and as one can only assume, more screen time than BC {Before Corona} is happening. As the typical feelings of guilt creep in, it’s important to remember the benefits of educational apps::

  • Apps foster children’s autonomy. They can play on their own and try to master the challenges
  • They encourage kids to be more motivated
  • It reinforces knowledge and they help children learn new things that they may not have learned yet in school
  • Educational apps improve kids’ cognitive and specific skills

And you probably already know that, on top of learning and reinforcing what they’ve already studied at school, educational apps are a great way for kids to discover new topics while they play and have fun. Especially the littlest ones who may not have any school homework, but will have a blast using their tablet. 

Lingokids is an educational app that teaches English to kids ages 2-8. They believe learning through play is the best way, and their approach is game-based and interactive. The best part? They have resources for YOU to incorporate what your kids have learned online into your everyday life. Songs, fun printables, YouTube song playlists, schedules… they’ve got it all! The Lingokids team aims to be an educational resource for children as well as a safe platform that parents can trust. They are updating their resources frequently and include materials that are relevant to what’s going on in our daily lives today.

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Their parent-resource page is amazing and allows you to track your child’s progress, explore new content that you may want to introduce to your children and more.

I absolutely love that I know I can turn on the Lingokids app for my 3 year-old and he’s engaging in fun language arts activities, and also learning about communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Their curriculum also incorporates values and everyday tasks like recycling and brushing their teeth. And you can even mix online and offline activities by using their printables and flashcards! It’s definitely an app that will be around for a long time in our house. Lingokids is giving everyone the chance to enjoy the entire app for free for one month – sign up here!

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