Finding a Public School That Reflects Your Family’s Values

We are proud to partner with IDEA Public Schools to share this wonderful education opportunity with Houston families.

Our family has always placed a high value on public school education. We want our kids to not only be set up for success when they are adults, but also to become lifelong learners who are curious about the world and enjoy finding out about different people and topics. When we talk about the future, our family’s plans always include our kids going to college and pursuing degrees that interest them and will enable them to support themselves in adulthood.

student athlete with trophy and medalWhen it comes to our kids’ schooling while they are still living at home, our family is an enthusiastic supporter of public school. We believe public schools are one of the best ways to continue building an equitable, educated society where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. For many families, their local neighborhood public schools fit their needs, but for some, this isn’t the case. Fortunately, there are other options for parents wishing to enroll their children in public schools that better fit their needs and values.

IDEA Public Schools are a network of public schools serving families all across the country, including three campuses in the Greater Houston Area. Since 2000, IDEA Public Schools has grown from a small school with 150 students to the fastest-growing network of tuition-free, Pre-K-12 public charter schools in the United States.

IDEA Public Schools’ Core Values

students in library studyingWhen researching what sets IDEA Public Schools apart from other schools, I was impressed with their focus on their 7 core values, which all align with our family’s values as well. These values definitely set them apart from any other school that I have encountered.

Act with Integrity

In our family, integrity is one of our most important values, and we want the instruction they receive at school to reflect that as well. IDEA Public Schools teach students about taking personal responsibility to model the honest and ethical behavior they want their students and each other to demonstrate every day.

Achieve Academic Excellence

IDEA Public Schools have the expectation that all of their graduates will go on to college, which aligns with our family’s expectations. Their staff works every day to ensure each student receives a high quality education and is academically prepared for higher education.

Deliver Results

Goal setting is also an important value in our family. We teach our kids to set reasonable, yet achievable goals for themselves and then put in the work to achieve them. IDEA Public Schools set ambitious goals for students and staff, hold themselves and one another accountable for achieving results, and believe that their students will succeed to and through college.

Ensure Equity

In our family, we are intentional about having regular conversations about issues like racism, sexism and ableism and how we can be people who stand up against injustice. IDEA Public Schools reinforce these values by differentiating support and resources, proactively addressing racism and discrimination, and advocating alongside their students and staff to empower them with the opportunities to succeed and ensure the respect they deserve.

Build Team and Family

IDEA Public Schools foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity by treating every student, staff, family, and community member with compassion, respect, and humility.

Bring Joy

We want our kids to love learning and love going to school. That’s why I adore IDEA Public Schools’ value of bringing joy into their learning environment. They operate with a sense of optimism, and their traditions celebrate learning, growth, and the accomplishments of their students, staff, and community.

Sweat the Small Stuff

IDEA Public Schools embrace that achieving excellence lies in paying attention to and carrying out the details—the ‘small stuff’—that go into effective execution and positive implementation. Every step of the way, the IDEA Team & Family prioritizes actions contributing to their mission of College for All.

Apply Now

IDEA Public Schools student stands smiling on playgroundIDEA Public Schools are a great option for families focused on college being part of their children’s academic future. Interested in your child attending IDEA Public Schools? IDEA is now taking applications for the 2023-24 school year!

Connect with IDEA Public Schools

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