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Reading is a fundamental right. We send our kids to school so that they can become better readers and better thinkers. Reading more authentic literature leads to high levels of critical thinking—so equip your readers with books from diverse authors and about diverse people. Read Across America Day takes place every year on March 2, encouraging young readers to pick up more books and experience the joys of reading.

Read Across America:: Read More, Learn More, and Change the GlobeI recently read Blended by Sharon Draper, a book about a young girl who is a member of a blended family. Her parents {Black dad and a white mom} separated when she was 10 and remarried a year later. In the book, Isabella shares her perspective on::
– Separation/Marriage/Divorce
– Race and Identity
– Living arrangements when children travel between two homes
– Friendship

As I read the book, I realized that this was the author’s letter to her parents and other parents who chose to remarry—and how it impacts their children.

Kids can’t always express their feelings, but there’s a book for that.

Your BIPoC friend can’t always express their feeling on current events, but there’s a book for that.

You may not be able to express your own feelings, but there’s a book for that.

Reading isn’t a cure- all, but it’s a window into beautiful and broken lives. It’s a door to our community without intruding.

Here is a list of books to get you started on traveling through the pages of the world this Read Across America Day::

Hilo Book 7: Gina-The Girl Who Broke the World by Judd Winick

Why you should read it:: It’s a graphic novel with a female heroine.
What it’s about:: This series is fun for all ages because the narrator and his friend are charged with saving the world and turning a bad guy into a true hero.You don’t need to read all the books in order to understand the plot. However, it will help you understand why Gina is protecting the magical creatures that have invaded Earth.




The Geek Dad: Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists by Ken Denmead

Why you should read it:: A dad wrote it because, “Science affects how we parent—it teaches our kids how to question the world around them by watching us.”
What it’s about:: Experiments that you can do with your family. At the beginning of each experiment the author shares not only a list of supplies but also the cost, difficulty, duration and the concept that you should emphasize with your kids.



Hey Kiddo by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Why you should read it:: The book’s tagline is How I lost my mother, found my father, and dealt with family addiction.
What it’s about:: A book for high-school aged readers written in graphic form that broaches the topic of death, life, and family love. The narrator is a part of a dysfunctional family, but ends up learning that you don’t need blood ties because really good friends can become family.


My Brigidista Year by Katherine Paterson

Why you should read it:: It is inspired by the real life events that happened in Cuba in 1961
What it’s about:: A young girl leaves her family to live with minimal safety and necessities to teach kids the power of literacy.



When Stars are Scattered by Victoria Jamieson

Why you should read it:: Because sometimes the American dream is not the most important part of our story.
What it’s about:: Omar and his young brother Hassan {who is non-verbal and has special needs} live in a refugee camp. They hoped it would be a temporary placement and an escape from the political unrest that they escaped from. However, they end up spending much of their adolescent life dealing with all of the hurts and blessings of life in the Kenyan refugee camp. The book is based on the life of Omar Mohamed who lived in a refugee camp, and after arriving in the USA went back to help many more refugees.

Happy Read Across America Day! What books would you recommend for young readers? 

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