Reasons I’m Outsourcing My Kid’s Birthday Party

You’ve thrown the first birthday party. In fact, you’ve thrown a few since.  You’ve done the table full of aptly named party foods that coincide with the theme. You’ve done games straight off of Pinterest. You’ve had the house so organized by party day that you didn’t even have to hide odds and ends behind a closed bedroom door. But now…

It’s the summer after kindergarten, and you are so ready for slow mornings spent in pajamas and afternoons spent burning energy at the pool. You are NOT ready for hosting a house full of six-year-olds along with their parents and younger siblings to celebrate that summer birthday.  Things never go just so, and you end up stressing out the entire week leading up to party day and then can’t even enjoy yourself the day of because you are busy playing hostess.

So this year, I have decided to OUTSOURCE.  I’m going to let someone else do the stressing and the hosting, and I am just going to show up and have fun.  Lots of fun with my sweet newly turned six-year-old.  Houston Moms Blog is partnering together with The Zone Houston, and I am proud to be hosting a birthday party that my family will all absolutely love! Here’s why…

1} Variety

I need a place to entertain six-year-olds for an hour or so, feed them, blow out some candles, make memories in between, and send them on their way! What’s one to do with two dozen kiddos with little bodies full of energy just waiting to be expended? Inflatables.

Yes, they jump their bottoms off and then huddle around tables to refuel for their next adventure. The Zone’s Jam Inflatable Package gives kids and parents access to the inflatable room with 3 different bounce houses. If you’ve got younger siblings attending, whether yours or those of your guests, there’s one small enough for toddler-sized fun. And with a guest list of 24 people {with the possibility of more}, you can invite your child’s entire class or keep the guest list smaller and leave plenty of room for younger siblings to attend as well.

But these kids of mine aren’t going to be this little for long. At some point the running that they love will forge into something a bit more organized. I’ve got my eye on the Sports Package where kids can have a private party in their air-conditioned facility to play basketball, touch football, dodgeball, kickball, and/or capture the flag, and then they can do the same refuel routine as they did as kids in the party room with snacks and cake. I imagine planning parties for older kids {who just might not be into hanging out close to parents} will be a bit of a challenge.  Sports Package it is!

The Zone Birthday Party 2{All photos in this post were taken by our sweet friend Momma’s Gonna SNAP at our 2nd Annual Birthday Bash.}

2} Not My Place, Not My Mess

You know the drill – bust your tail tidying up the place for your guests, and then do it all over again after the party is over. People are considerate in most cases. I’ve even had guests help to Swiffer up the crumbs of cupcake armageddon after the rain rushed us indoors after hurriedly singing “Happy Birthday” in the sky’s sprinkles.

But this year less is more — less mess, that is. I want to enjoy party day {all of it!} with my family. I want to mingle with the parents instead of setting up food tables or putting out fires, and I want to spend time after the party with out-of-town guests or napping with my children after they are partied out.

The Zone Birthday Party 3

3} Menu Made Simple

This one you have be cautious of.  Sometimes when you outsource your kid’s birthday party, you lose all control and are not able to bring in ANYTHING.  So for me, The Zone was super appealing because I can still add my own Pinterest flair via themed cake, cupcakes, and drinks.  All with cutesy signs, little snack setups, and fruits and veggies to even things out.  Plus, I can be cautious when dealing with any food allergies for my guests.

Not a Pinterest Momma? Have no fear! The Zone has pizza for purchase. And as an added bonus, while you are outsourcing your party, purchase goodie bags here too!

The Zone Birthday Party 5{Yummy bundtinis via Nothing Bundt Cakes}

4} Birthday Forecast

We’ve hosted a bounce house party in the winter and backyard water fun parties in the summer with fingers crossed that the weather would cooperate. We didn’t quite get our wish each time, and the rain forced us inside where we found, and food found its way to nooks and crannies I wasn’t expecting it to. It’s all fine. There are brooms, mops, and vacuums for a reason.

But I’d rather avoid it altogether.

The Zone’s air-conditioned {and heated, if necessary here in Houston} facility makes the weather stress nonexistent. We are a family of mostly summer birthdays, and I promise the parents of your guests will thank you later for the ability to attend without breaking out in a sweat for outside activities or getting in a bathing suit for water fun.

The Zone Birthday Party 7

5} Play and Go

Friends are awesome. Family is awesome. Friends and family at your child’s birthday party – doubly awesome. But sometimes there’s just a bit more on your weekend plate than chilling with those friends and family all of party day. Between extra-curricular activities, community events, and sometimes other parties to attend {not to mention a bit of down time!}, you and yours are often stretched. In a perfect world, we linger all day with those we care about while everything else fades away. In reality, we’ve got places to be. Outsourcing your party at a venue other than your own home makes that cut-off easy with timed party packages and the ability to add on extra time to suit your party’s needs.

The Zone Birthday Party 6

6} Decorations

Forget decking out the entire house. It’s the perfect marriage of your Pinterest desires plus realistic exceptions. I love that I can jazz up The Zone’s party room to my heart’s content whether it’s Star Wars, My Little Pony, Shopkins, or Superheroes my kiddos are after this year.

The Zone Birthday Party 8{How cute is this clown from Balloonscape?! We had this in The Zone’s lobby at our 2nd Annual Birthday Bash!}

7} Peace of Mind

Hosting a recent park party, I found myself texting one friend to bring plastic spoons and another a roll of paper towels, for I forgot napkins. But when you outsource your party, you can rest assured that they will have you covered for those basic party needs!  In fact, each package at The Zone comes with paper products for your guests. So just grab your snacks, cake, drinks, and candles — and you are set.

The Zone Birthday Party 4

While you are planning, keep in mind that The Zone is perfect for a variety of events and gatherings! They’ve got basketball courts, batting cages, video game consoles, inflatables, a cafeteria, and private rooms for renting out for your needs. Connect with them below to stay in the loop on all that’s coming up and all that they have to offer for your family…

 The Zone Houston

10371 Stella Link
Houston, Texas 77025

281.317.PLAY {7529}

[email protected]

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, I cannot wait to host a birthday party at The Zone Houston this summer, and all thoughts and feelings expressed above are completely my own.

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