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Like most of you, I am a busy mom. I own a business (this one!), I have two children with ever-growing sports and extracurricular commitments, a husband to support emotionally, and the million other things on my to-do list that invade my brain space in the evening. And like most of you, often “my” things, taking care of myself, falls quickly to the wayside. Since COVID and turning 40 in the process, I have been determined to take control of my health AND healthcare. For awhile there in the fall, as I recommitted to ME, I had a streak of appointments pretty much monthly: annual physical, annual pap, mammogram, dentist, eye doctor, you name it – I had an appointment for it. It felt good, and it felt empowering, too. I firmly believe in that peace of mind that comes with knowing either what you are facing (or fingers crossed, NOT facing).

Which is why I was so intrigued when Any Lab Test Now® reached out to Houston Moms to experience their services. They promise “private, affordable, and convenient” and they certainly delivered. When I visited, I was out in around 20 minutes (and part of that was taking pictures!), paperwork took just about 5 minutes, and then actual blood draw, plus a B-12 Vitamin injection (more on that later) took under a minute. As a mom who needed to get back on the go, it was a relief not to have to wait, although their waiting room was clean and spacious. Some of you may be wondering why you would choose Any Lab Test Now! over your traditional doctor’s office blood draw. I had similar questions but now I understand:

Saving Time & Money with Any Lab Test NowConvenience

It couldn’t be easier to schedule your appointment. Simply go to Any Lab Test Now®, select your location, select your test, and the time of your appointment. That’s it! And with 15 Houston area locations, there’s definitely one near you. And with work-friendly hours, including tests on Saturdays, they make it uber convenient to get in and get out.


With so many of us on high deductible insurance plans (or perhaps without insurance at all), Any Lab Test Now® helps you stay on top of your healthcare without breaking the bank. They provide the doctor’s order for your tests so you can avoid unnecessary fees at your primary care physician. Additionally, you are able to search for the specific test you want and find the transparent and competitive pricing per test right at your fingertips.

Saving Time & Money with Any Lab Test NowQuick Testing & Results

As I mentioned above, the testing process is incredibly fast and the wonderful staff had me in and out within minutes. Within a week, I had my test results from my allergy panel in my inbox (you can request your results via snail mail, fax, or pick up as well) so I can be prepared to make some next steps in my journey to find out why Houston allergy season hates me so much. Seriously though, knowledge is power and I’m so glad to have these results in hand.

Addressing General Health

As moms, there are times when we just aren’t feeling like ourselves. Sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s the exhaustion that comes along with just being “on” 24/7 or something deeper. Any Lab Test Now! offers a full range of general health common tests like thyroid, an annual check up panel, glucose, diabetes maintenance, testosterone, and so much more. 

Saving Time & Money with Any Lab Test NowOne Step Further

And sometimes, we really are just run down and need a little boost. I was so fortunate to receive a B12 Injection on the day I visited Any Lab Test Now®. The B12 offers immediate health benefits including helping your immune system, giving you a metabolism boost (yes please!), improve your sleep, among others. Oh, and no appointment is generally needed for the B12 injection! Just walk in and request. They of course keep your paperwork on file so the next time you need a little boost, it’s even easier to get. I can say with certainty that I had more pep in my step in the following days, even though it was rainy and dreary for dayysssss, and usually when I would feel listless. I’m ready for my next one!

I love companies that come up with creative solutions on helping busy families take control of their healthcare. Moms? You are TOO IMPORTANT to neglect your health. Your family needs you around and they need you healthy. So whether it’s that annual panel you’ve been putting off, or perhaps a baseline thyroid or diabetes maintenance, or even just a boost of energy, consider Any Lab Test Now! to help you get it done safely, quickly, and privately with an affordability that you may not find through your insurance or regular doctor. 

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