STEAM Learning:: How Summer Can Benefit Your Child

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STEAM learning has become such an important part of our education system in the last few years. STEAM education is vitally important for our kids and a well-rounded knowledge base, setting them up for a successful life. The acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. In some ways, these areas are not covered in the daily school life to the fullest. My oldest daughter’s class has a significant portion of the day set aside for Math and they have computer class once a week, but only 20 minutes a day for Science and Social Studies. Those vital parts of their education are being overshadowed by the business of the day. 

That’s where a STEAM lab or STEAM classes come in, to supplement that lacking. In my youngest daughter’s preschool, they have a special class once a week where they do a STEAM lab and experiments. They run age appropriate experiments focusing on the different areas. They built fences out of blocks to keep animals in their pen. They hyperbolized what would roll down a ramp they built the best. Stuff like that that gets their imagination going, helps them to learn new disciplines, solve problems, and gives them hands on learning. My daughter LOVES her STEAM lab. 

Creative Thinking and Imagination

The best tool a child has at their disposal is their imagination. Too often school stifles their imagination and puts them on the conveyor belt to college and book learning. STEAM helps to break out of that mold and creatively look at a situation. Instead of seeing a stuffed animal as a stuffed animal, children can pretend that it is real and that it can get out of its pen if they don’t work together to help build a fence! Kids are natural scientists and curious about the world around them. STEAM helps to cultivate that interest and bring their imagination to life. 

Creative Problem Solving

It also helps kids solve the problems they are facing. It is so important in our daily lives as adults to creatively solve whatever problems we are facing. STEAM experiments help kids look at a problem and solve it on their own or working with their classmates. Maybe you use two blocks so the giraffe doesn’t get past the fence, rather than one. I’ve seen a tremendous difference in how my daughter looks at the world and her problems after STEAM education was introduced. 

Learning New Disciplines

This is one of the most important positives to come out of STEAM education. STEAM jobs are not being filled because they aren’t a major focus in schools. I have a few friends who are engineers who reach into the schools to teach what being an engineer or scientist means. STEAM labs help my daughters learn a tiny bit more about what their daddy does on a daily basis. They’ve tried different STEAM experiments from Amazon with their dad and loved them. We loved that they were introduced to science, technology, and engineering as a job and not just as a 20 minute lesson in class. 

Hands On Learning

Education sinks in more when it is hands on, doesn’t it? I have to physically see something for it to sink in. Even when I was learning how to use my Silhouette or anytime I’ve had to learn how to do something new, I’ve had to have my husband read the instruction book and explain it to me in my own terms before I could understand it. Kids are no different from you or I. They need hands on learning. STEAM provides that.

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