I Can See In The Dark {+ Other Super Mom Powers}

The term Super Mom is thrown around a lot. We try to do it all – raise kids, run a household, work in some fashion, maintain friendships and romantic relationships, enjoy the moment… the list goes on and on. In order to accomplish these things, I’ve discovered there are actual Super Mom Powers.

So far, I’ve only been exposed to 5 Super Mom Powers. And I’ve yet to discover the one that provides unlimited energy on little sleep, but I’m hopeful scientists will someday discover a special coffee for us. I think Starbucks tried with that with their now-extinct unicorn drink,  but I remain hopeful.

Psychic Ability

This Super Power develops early on in the newborn days and lasts until your children can speak. Think about it, you have to know what another human wants, without them telling you. Seriously, they just cry and you troubleshoot until the crying stops. Eventually, you get to know your child and can read their mind based on a grunt/gurgle/blink of an eye means – which hopefully means less crying. Yay! As they develop their speaking skills, this power changes as you must interpret a toddler language that wasn’t offered as an elective in High School and sounds like gibberish. I imagine it’s similar to living with a foreign exchange student. There is also no Rosetta Stone for this age-old, toddler language. So instead, you learn to read their minds and anticipate what they will be asking or wanting. The mind reading is also useful to anticipate children randomly deciding to dart in the direction of danger. Which brings me to my next Super Power of…

Mom Agility

These are specialized mom reflexes that prevent children from running into streets or bodies of water, dumping their food on the floor, and face planting onto any unpleasant surface with force. This also comes in handy for middle of the night ninja skills used to maneuver your way around a sleeping child’s room. In these cases, you usually have a lot of adrenaline and get a good sweat going – it’s intense. If you are pregnant with your first child, just know that accidentally waking a sleeping baby is just…really unpleasant.

Night Vision

Speaking of agility in the dark, I have the ability to walk into my son’s dark room where I can’t see my hand in front of my face and navigate my way around with minimal toe stubbing. This Super Power develops during middle of the night feedings, diaper changes, and illnesses. Before my son, I never saw a room in my house in the middle of the night, as I was peacefully slumbering 8-9 hours a night. I can now say that if needed, I could literally walk the house with my eyes closed. It’s a real talent, folks.

Super Mom Strength

Before my son was born, I did Crossfit. While I wasn’t quite at the level to participate in The Crossfit Games, I felt like I had gotten physically stronger than before I started. Then my son came along, and I discovered super human mom strength. It is the ability to carry an infant car seat {which to me felt like 100 pounds} or my 30-pound toddler and a diaper bag that is unreasonably heavy, computer bag, gym bag, and purse all at once. You develop this strength out of pure laziness because you don’t want to make two trips from the car to the house. You also master the ability to steer a full grocery cart with one hand and coffee in another.

Selective Hearing

This Super Power comes in handy when you need to maintain your sanity during bouts of whiny voices. It keeps you cool, calm, and collected. However, be careful with this one because if you really hone your craft, it carries over to your spouse. In those cases, you miss important pieces of information like him telling you that he already filled the water reserve in the coffee maker. When you don’t listen to those pieces of information, you end up cleaning up water overflow at 10 pm because you too put water in the coffee reserve.

I look forward to developing additional Super Mom Powers. I imagine the teen years will bring an interesting set. There were things my parents knew and did that I always asked in my head, How in the world did they know that??!

What Super Mom Powers do you already have under your belt {or cape}?

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Jaclyn D
Jaclyn was born a Jersey Girl, but became a Texan after moving here at age 5. After a degree from Texas A&M, she began her career in the oil/gas industry within talent acquisition. Simultaneously, she realized she had a crush on a boy named Andy who became her best friend, #1 supporter, and eventually her husband 5 years ago. After many years of Inner Loop living, they welcomed their son Mason {May 2015} and made the ‘burb life’ jump to The Woodlands {hello, nature and commute}. When she isn’t working fulltime in the office, she is putting in the Starbucks fueled hours at home hoping to be a great ‘employee’ for her spirited, sweet, non-stop energy, at-home boss - son Mason. {Side Note :: Being a boy mom should have a manual included at the hospital. Amen?} While off the clock for both jobs, Jaclyn is getting connected in her church, trying the newest workout fads {jogging doesn’t cut it}, making to-do lists, crossing off said to-do lists, Mexican food, wine, wine, wine and trying to convince her husband that New Girl IS a funny show.


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