Keeping Your Kids “Water Safe” this Summer

We are thrilled to partner once again with Splashway Water Park to bring you this sponsored post. Here's to a fun and SAFE summer!

Ahhh, ’tis the time for all things summer :: popsicles, swimsuits, lazy days, late nights, and of course, water fun! And nothing screams more fun than a day at the water park, am I right? But just a cursory glance at the local news each week, and you know that water fun can quickly turn life-threatening in a matter of moments. At Splashway Waterpark and Campgrounds in Sheridan, water safety is paramount and their number one priority. Together, we have compiled this list of water safety tips, whether your day calls for lazy river-ing or just a day at your local pool. Stay safe, Houston, while still having a blast!

And since Splashway Waterpark feels so passionately about water safety, this year they are participating in the 2017 World’s Largest Swim Lesson {WLSL} as a part of a global effort to teach children how to swim! You are invited to this momentous event on Thursday, June 22nd starting at 8:15am. With your participation, you will receive half-off admission tickets to enjoy the park and activities following the lesson, plus a special goodie bag and certificate. Pre-register here!

Keeping Your Kids "Water Safe" this Summer | Houston Moms Blog

1} Life jackets are a must.


Even if you are confident in your little one’s swimming abilities, consider having them wear a life jacket. When they are in unfamiliar pools or circumstances, they can easily become distracted. While your water safety should never depend on just a life jacket, it can be a lifesaver. We love that Splashway offers FREE lifejackets to all of their guests. Just inquire at guest services on your way into the park.

2} Respect the lifeguards.

The other day we were at our local pool and my kiddos were turned down from riding the slide for yet another summer. I mean, it’s one inch, right? And although admittedly I felt a little exasperated at first, I was actually very grateful that they were so intent on following the rules. I explained it to the kids and talked about why we always listen to the lifeguards because their job is to keep us safe while we play. Perfect learning moment. Make sure your kids know where the lifeguards are located each time you head to the pool / water park, and explain why it’s so important to listen to them. And then, parents, you listen to them too! Parents and lifeguards working hand in hand makes everyone safer.

3} Set up a “home base.”

If your kids are old enough to explore the pool / water park on their own, schedule regular meeting times at your cabana or table to do a regroup. Make sure they know the rides and areas they may visit and those you would prefer to go with them on. Also, make sure to do a quick tour of the pool or park layout so that everyone knows where they can go to find help, bathrooms, etc. {Mom Tip :: Write your phone number in permanent marker on your child’s arm in the event your younger child gets separated from you.} Home base is also a great time to take a breather, have a quick snack, and reapply sunscreen … which brings us to our next tip.

4} Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.

Y’all, this is Houston, and that sun is brutal. With temps that will soar close to 100 degrees, you can never apply too much sunscreen. Before heading out on your day of fun, lather up the kids {and yourself!} about 30 minutes before you are out in the sun. Then reapply as necessary throughout the day. {Mom Tip :: Make sure you get those spots that rarely see the light of day. I’m talking random places like the tops of your feet, tips of your ears, hairlines, etc. I’ve also been known to apply sunscreen about an inch beyond where the swimsuit covers in case it shifts throughout the day.}

5} Hydrate and eat often.

Nothing drains your energy and water supply like summer. It is vitally important that your family takes time to drink all the water, all day long. That’s why I love that Splashway lets you bring in your own beverages and snacks, so there’s no excuse not to properly hydrate. Label a bottle of water for each family member and make it a contest to see who can drink all their water before the end of the day! And we all know that splashing in a pool or park burns up tons of energy, so make sure to take time for regular snack/meal breaks. Splashway has a super yummy menu at their two restaurants located in the park, with everything from small bites to full meals.

6} Be Prepared.

Whether it’s a day at the pool or a trip to Splashway Waterpark and Campgrounds, keep a bag packed with all the essentials you may need during the day. Some recommended items ::

  • Hats / visors
  • Swim goggles
  • Towels
  • Sunscreen
  • Pool toys / floats
  • Swim diapers and wipes
  • Change of clothing
  • Ziploc or grocery bags for wet items
  • Portable phone charger

7} Eyes on the kids at all times.

We cannot stress this one enough. Nothing is better than visual supervision at a water park. Don’t rely on strangers to immediately recognize that your child is in trouble. Whenever my husband and I go to pool parties or venues like Splashway, we rotate turns being the visual supervisor. That means my ONLY job is to watch the kids and do my best to prevent an accident from ever happening. Have your phone on you in case of emergencies but do NOT scroll through Facebook, check text messages, or answer emails. Accidents can happen in a split second and there is no picture that is worth that.

Keeping Your Kids "Water Safe" this Summer | Houston Moms Blog

We hope you find these tips useful to have a fun and very SAFE water excursions this summer. We’d love for you to spend the day with our friends at Splashway Waterpark and Campgrounds, as they are as committed to water safety as much as we are!

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