Ten Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Can you believe it’s February 1st already?  When I hear February, I immediately think of two things – Valentine’s Day and Rodeo Cook-Off {where I met my husband}.  Before we start polishing our boots and pulling out our turquoise and tight jeans, let’s tackle Valentine’s Day.  Are you ready?

I’m oh so ready for Love Day {let’s be honest, I’m just happy my Four Christmases are over!}, and I want to help get you setup for all things rosy red and pretty in pink all in one easy post.

10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

1.  Say Cheese

Any holiday is a perfect excuse for a little mini photo session, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.  Jack had a little photo session with Studio Ainsley a few weeks ago…a perfect gift for the grandparents this V-Day.  Just throw on some red and pink and grab that camera for some precious photos of your little ones to text your family on V-Day or to make your home look festive.  You don’t need a fancy setup to capture great photos.  Grab some balloons, red roses, or a box of chocolates – and you are ready to go!  If you aren’t feeling like playing photographer or don’t want to be behind the camera, there’s still time to have a professional photographer take your pics.  Check out our Family Directory for some of the local photographers we recommend!


2.  Chocolate…Lots of Chocolate

Quick :: what’s the first word that comes to your mind when you hear Valentine’s Day?  Mine is chocolate.  In my single days, I would buy myself a box of chocolates {you know the kind…the big ones wrapped in red cellophane}, and eat the entire box by myself in front of the TV on Valentine’s Day.  But I’m suggesting something a little less depressing for you and your family this February.  Try The Chocolate Bar in Rice Village!  There you are able to make your own custom chocolate bar for you or your love.  It’s so fun {and delicious}.  If you go, I suggest making two.  One for you to eat there and one to save for later.  Trust me.  If you can’t make it to the Chocolate Bar, try this recipe for Mini Molten Chocolate Cakes that my bestie made the other night!


If chocolate isn’t your thing, pickup some Strawberry cupcakes from Crave.  There are so many cupcakes places around Houston {I’ve tried them all}, but Crave has the best Strawberry cupcakes you will ever taste…plus the pink frosting is perfect for V-Day!  After Valentine’s Day, we can get back on the “lose the baby weight” plan!

3.  Glitter and Glue Guns

If you can find the time – HA! – Valentine’s Day is great excuse to cut some sweet paper hearts and make a craft for that special someone.  Make a treat for daddy, some heart garland for the mantle, or a sweet note to your favorite teacher.  Need some ideas?  Checkout Jana’s No Sew Valentine’s Onesie and Channing’s Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar.

4.  Pancakes and Pajamas

Heart shaped pancakes just scream Valentine’s Day, and if you read my personal blog, you will know I have a problem thing for holiday pajamas {evidence here and here}.  If your mornings are too chaotic to make shapes with your pancake batter, breakfast food at dinnertime is the most fun.   If you need some festive pajamas,  Old Navy has some great options for the whole family and Carter’s has some cute pieces for the little ones.

5.  Home is Where the HEART Is

Decorate a little space in your home for Valentine’s Day.  It doesn’t need to be elaborate – I’m still exhausted from putting away the Christmas decorations.  I chose to do our mantle since it’s in a high traffic area of the house.  Target has some affordable, but oh so cute decorations out right now, including the “Love You So Much” garland I put on Jack’s crib {pictured below} or you can print some free Valentine’s Day Printables and pop them in a picture frame you already have.  Done and done!


6.  Please Mr. Postman

Send some love notes to your friends and family!  Get crafty and make your own cards, go old school and buy some packaged cards at Target with your favorite teeny bopper on them, or do it quick and cheap and purchase a printable card from our friends at Crowning Details and print yourself {I purchased mine for less than $5.00}!

7.  Cozy Up

Movie night in!  Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to watch a chick flick instead of the latest zombie movie…that’s sooo last October.  Add some Popcorn, Junior Mints, and Valentine’s PJ’s for that extra touch.  Or check out some other ideas for staying in on Valentine’s Day here too.

8.  Paint Your Paws

Treat yourself to a mani/pedi, but step out of the box and get them painted fire engine red.  Add a little pink or white heart on one of the nails if you are bold enough…or don’t have a conservative 9-5 like me.


9.  Spread the Love

Teach your kiddos the importance of paying it forward.  Surprise someone who needs their spirits lifted with some flowers.  Next time you are in the Starbucks drive-thru, pay for the car behind you.  Donate your unused clothes and toys to Goodwill.  Volunteer your time to a local charity.  There are so many ways – big and small – that you can spread a little love this February.

10.  Connect with a Stranger

Hop on social media.  Browse through the hashtags #HMBPhotoADay {local} and #CMBNPhotoADay {national} to get some fun inspiration for the holidays and also to meet and get to know other moms who are looking to connect too!  Maybe it will inspire you to start your OWN Photo-A-Day Challenge with friends!



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