The All Good Way to Diaper

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Diapers are something that I had strong opinions about before our first was even born. I did countless hours of research on diaper materials, environmental effects, alternative methods… you know, all the things first-time moms stress over. Ha! We registered for cloth diapers and used them for our first. When our second came along, we alternated between cloth and disposable when things got hectic.

Washing, folding, stuffing, storing… all of it is very time consuming, especially with three kids under the age of five, and something had to give. So by the time our third came around, like so many other moms, time was a precious commodity and our cloth diaper stash has since been sitting in her closet, giving me time back in my daily routine.

And while time management is definitely my main priority, having good diaper materials still rank pretty high on my list when it comes to selecting the right disposable diaper. Enter All Good Diapers.

The All Good Way to Diaper

All Good is a new diaper out on the market that makes a difference. With no parabens, elemental chlorine bleaching, latex or fragrances, they fit the bill when it comes to our family’s top qualifications for diapers. In addition to the safe materials, All Good’s diaper designs are super cute, the material is absorbent and they are hypoallergenic and breathable to treat those sensitive tooshies right! 

The first time I pulled an All Good diaper out of the pack, I noticed how soft and thin they were. No bulkiness, yet amazing absorption for my 12 month old. They stayed snug and kept her dry – a must for an active little one! The wetness indicator is also a welcome feature on diapers, especially in those first few weeks and months.

All Good diapers

And their price per diaper is excellent compared to similar brands on the market. I love knowing that I can still purchase an amazing diaper and not break the bank. And, just as an FYI, they are available in sizes 1-6 and sold exclusively at Walmart.

All Good’s promise doesn’t stop at the consumer though. As parents, we know how expensive diapers can be, yet a daily necessity. All Good has partnered with Feeding America to donate a day’s worth of diapers to little ones in need. As a former nonprofit professional, community impact weighs heavy on my heart and  knowing that I am getting the exact kind of diaper I want for my baby, while also helping other babies get access to the diapers they need is HUGE.

The All Good Way to Diaper

Knowing that I am using a diaper that is safe for my baby AND gives back to the community is such a win for our family. We are so excited to have a disposable diaper available that meets all of our criteria, and works so well!

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