The One Shoe Every Houston Mama Needs

Houston Moms Blog is excited to partner with Mox Shoes through this sponsored post. So many of our team members have fallen head over heels for these cute and comfy shoes, and we just know you will love them too!

I’ve never labeled myself as a high-heel girl. Unfortunately, when I look at a ‘hot’ pair of heels, I don’t get all googly-eyed like some girls do. Instead, I assess how much pain they will cause me after 5 minutes.  Pre-kid, I would wear them for special occasions or nights out, but I would always stuff a pair of flats in my purse to change into as soon as socially acceptable. Post-kid, I’m for sure not a high-heel girl – wedges are the extent … and even that’s pushing it.

So you can imagine the importance I put on finding a good pair of flats. Not only must they be stylish and comfortable, but versatile as well. As a working mom, I want to spend money on shoes that I can wear to both work and during my free time. So, I became intrigued when I started seeing pictures of Mox Shoes popping up on my friend’s social media. The shoes were super cute, came in lots of fun colors, looked great with jeans or dresses, but wait – they were made of … rubber? Naturally, I wanted to see if RUBBER shoes truly were comfortable and cute in-person, so I asked Santa for a pair. Well, my wish-list must’ve gotten lost en route to Santa {aka my husband} because I never got a pair. {To his defense, he did get me a new coffee machine which at a touch of a button puts endless amounts of coffee at my fingertips. Enough said.}

All was not lost because I eventually got my pair – the grape colored pair to be exact. And ya’ll… Yes. Yes. Yes. Rubber shoes are cute in-person and rubber shoes are comfortable. In fact, the rubber sole provides a cushioning unlike any other flats I’ve ever had. It’s like your feet are on a spongey cloud while you chase a toddler who thinks running away from you is an Olympic sport.

I’m also a big proponent of supporting mom businesses – which is exactly what Mox Shoes is all about. I find it so inspiring when moms recognize their own dream and then take a risk to pursue it. Running a business while simultaneously running a household deserves several {hundred} pats on the back. These 2 stay-at-home moms worked hard and brought Mox Shoes to the U.S. with the goal of providing fashionable, yet practical shoes for tweens, moms, and beyond. And as mamas of 5 daughters, I would say they nailed it. These shoes are a fashionable and comfortable staple to add to your closet.

So, follow along as I put these babies to the test, and then snag your own with the exclusive Houston Moms Blog discount code below…

{Mox Shoes} The One Shoe Every Houston Mama Needs | Houston Moms Blog

FREE shipping and FREE returns. Check & check. I don’t know about ya’ll, but when an online retailer displays those 5 words, I am WAY more likely to try their product. And guess what, Mox Shoes checks both of those boxes. I also loved the reusable bag the shoes come in because I don’t feel like you can ever have enough of those!

{Mox Shoes} The One Shoe Every Houston Mama Needs | Houston Moms Blog

Remember when I said I sometimes stuff flats in my purse? Naturally, these needed to pass that test. Since these shoes are made out of rubber, they fold and take up even less space than regular flats! More bonus points!

{Mox Shoes} The One Shoe Every Houston Mama Needs | Houston Moms Blog

It was then time I put them through the ultimate test. Are Mox comfortable for my every day? The daycare drop-off all the way to dinner out?

{Mox Shoes} The One Shoe Every Houston Mama Needs | Houston Moms Blog

Let’s begin with the circus called :: getting the toddler out the door for school. You have the ridiculous amount of shoes to dig through in the shoebox, socks magically disappearing, toddlers running from you, and the occasional tears {could be from you or the child – depends on the day}. On this particular Mox day, I’m happy to report my son cooperated and we got out of the door with no shoe ‘issues.’ May I suggest that the Mox Shoes have secret, baby-whispering powers?

{Mox Shoes} The One Shoe Every Houston Mama Needs | Houston Moms Blog

Does anyone else find themselves contorting their bodies to strap kids in car seats? Luckily, my Mox Shoes worked with me and gave me the flexibility I needed to achieve the ideal strap-in. I don’t know about you, but I have half my body in the car/half hanging out in order to achieve that perfect buckle. There is NOTHING worse than strapping in at a bad angle and your straps end up at different lengths!

{Mox Shoes} The One Shoe Every Houston Mama Needs | Houston Moms Blog

After daycare drop-off, it’s a quick stop at the store for the essentials.

{Mox Shoes} The One Shoe Every Houston Mama Needs | Houston Moms Blog

On my days off from work, I’ll try to sneak a workout in our garage at-home gym my husband has set-up. Confession: I hate being hot {which means Houston, TX is probably not the ideal place for me to live}. I especially hate when my feet get hot after a run/workout. I know, I know – we are diving way too deep into my personal thoughts. But if you too hate hot feet, then just know that the Mox flats are breathable! Even if you don’t find yourself with hot, post-workout feet these shoes will be ideal for the hot days that Houston is sure to bring back soon. The pool, park, bike rides, picnics – your feet will remain happy {and cute} in these!


{Mox Shoes} The One Shoe Every Houston Mama Needs | Houston Moms Blog

A date night capped off this particular day. My Mox Shoes made a seamless transition from chasing a toddler, daycare drop-off, running errands, working out, AND ending as the pop of color to my night out.

{Mox Shoes} The One Shoe Every Houston Mama Needs | Houston Moms Blog

And lastly, they are clearly kid-tested and approved. My son gave them 5 stars and two thumbs-up.

Mox Shoes market themselves as the ‘anywhere shoe’ … and I completely agree. Errands, work, date nights, post-workout, the pool, tailgating, and beyond – these cute and comfy shoes are perfect for keeping up with the active mom-lifestyle. So, do yourself a favor and take advantage of the discount code below.  You {and your feet!} will thank us…

>>> MoxShoes.Com <<<

10% Off Code :: HOUSTON10
{Expires June 30, 2017}

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  1. I am so glad y’all are featuring Mox! I have been wearing these for years and I adore them. Seriously the only shoes I pack for travel anymore because of their versatility, comfort, and cuteness! They are the perfect shoes for pregnancy, too (no need to bend over to put them on)! And they are the solution to the hot days with heavy rain shoe dilemma so common in Houston:). I just got a gold pair to add to my blue/black/silver collection and I couldn’t be happier. I wish I had had these shoes during all those years spent in 2$ old navy flip flops. 🙂


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