Top Beauty Lessons I Learned from Mom

We are proud to partner with Head and Shoulders for this sponsored post. I feel privileged to be able to share these sentimental beauty tips from mamas across the nation with our readers.

Growing up with my beautiful and vivacious mama, I always paid close attention to how she got ready, whether it was for a day spent at the soccer fields or a date night out with my dad. I knew the type of soap she used to wash her face, the ointment she used to remove her eye makeup, down to the make up colors she would wear and the special perfume she would spritz on before leaving. Also known as the perfume I was never to touch, EVER, right? Looking back, as I know see my own daughter paying that same special attention to her mama, I realize that those lessons and memories will forever be ingrained in my Quinnie’s mind. I am oh, so thankful, that my mom never really talked so much about physical beauty, as she did just about taking care of yourself … her emphasis was always on less is more and your heart and spirit is the first thing that people notice about you.

And let’s be honest…with twin 7 year olds who have multiple activities at any one time and me as a full-time work from home business owner, the actual time I can spend on searching for products is about nill. Long gone are the days of lazily strolling through make up or salons to try the latest and greatest…and it’s definitely not in the budget right now. So naturally, most of my product purchasing happens at my neighborhood Kroger store where I can be found two to three times a week, easily. Why must these people always want to eat?!? That said, I always have my random list of miscellaneous toiletries that I need to grab and I swear, my family goes through shampoo and conditioner like it’s going out of style.

I have super thick, naturally wavy hair that takes a ton of product to get under control in this Houston humidity. Which is why I’m so glad one random Wednesday while picking up approximately 18 yogurts, 1 gallon of milk, and 2 cartons of eggs, I stopped by the hair care aisle at Kroger. A display of Head and Shoulders caught my eye, specifically their Smooth and Silky Shampoo and Conditioner. I know what you’re thinking…isn’t that stuff just for dandruff? Well, to be honest, that’s what I thought too until I started reading the label. Y’all, they really are all about nurturing your scalp to create beautiful hair effortlessly, which quite honestly is just what this busy mama needs. And can we talk about this weather we’ve had? With such a dry and cold “winter” in Houston, everything is dry – give me all the smooth and silky! The price point was perfect so I plopped it in my cart.

Well, hello Head and Shoulders! Seriously, I am super impressed. The conditioner is specifically designed to work inconjunction with the shampoo so you get the best results ever. And I can definitely attest that my hair feels healthier AND stronger. That’s a beauty lesson I am proud to pass onto my girl as she grows up. Just as I remember exactly what products my mom used during my childhood, I know my girl is looking to me to provide guidance on those things, even down to shampoo and conditioner. 

Next time you are shopping  at your neighborhood Kroger, I encourage you to try the Smooth and Silky Shampoo & Condition from Heads and Shoulders. I’m telling you, I’m a convert. 

And naturally, as I started thinking back to childhood, I was curious what some of my friends learned from their mothers, and y’all, these were so much fun to read!

Can you relate to some of these below?

“My mom always insisted that if you wash your face twice a day you won’t get wrinkles quickly. My mom looks like she is 50 and she is over 65. I wash my face all the time and often I’m mistaken for mid twenties when really I’m mid thirties. I’ll take ten years off!” — Morgan V.

“The best advice I got from my mom wasn’t really advice, but in how she conducted herself. She never made a fuss about how she looked or how much she weighed, although she likes dressing up & likes makeup. There was never any pressure about looking a certain way.” — Heather R.

“Use baby oil to remove eye makeup, still use it today. Gentle on my eyes and inexpensive!” — Erin D.

“Lipstick and mascara are the only things you need to face the world and feel pretty!” — Megan R.

“Never wear makeup to sleep and always use eye cream. She’s in her 70’s and and can easily pass for 10-15 years younger so I’m a believer!” — Holli S.

“Wait AS LONG AS POSSIBLE to start shaving your legs because once you start, you have to do it foreverrrrrr.” — Jessica S.

“She would always say…Makeup does not equal beauty. Beauty comes from within. Makeup only enhances what’s already there or “Not”. Then she would laugh and say “lip gloss only sha” dem chemicals gonna mess up your skin” ” — Ladonise C.

“My mom always told me how much she admired how confident I was- even when at the pool or beach. We are/were both on the larger side, and she wished she could always be comfortable in her own skin. She told me to never lose that confidence.” — Kim L.

“If you are sick, but get up and get ready with your hair and makeup done, you will always feel better.” — Courtney S.

“A pearl of beauty wisdom was ‘vroeg Ruip, vroeg vrot’. That means :: don’t rush childhood or chase ‘the next chapter’ too soon, or you’ll go rotten before your time.” — Karen V.

“My mom is pretty low maintenance; she always stresses that pretty is as pretty does and that true beauty comes from within! As far as an ACTUAL beauty regime goes, she always wanted my makeup and hair to look natural and not overly done.” — Leslie W. 

I so loved reading these little nuggets from my friends and it definitely keeps in the forefront of my mind what I want to ensure I’m passing onto Quinn. Our girl is at such an impressionable age; it’s a tricky, fine line, right mamas? On one hand, I want her to see her mom taking time for self-care and pride in her appearance, while at the same time not overly emphasizing looks. It’s the WOMAN that makes the products work, not the other way around, know what I mean? 

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