10 Newborn Must-Haves That Are Totally Worth It!

10 Newborn Must-Haves That Are Totally Worth It! | Houston Moms Blog

Every mother quickly picks up on some kind of diaper and wipe routine, but I want to talk about the items that fly under the radar. Thanks to friends and family with children, and stumble-upon magic, I added a few extra items to my registry that I never would have considered “must-haves.” I am so grateful for things like a specific pacifier clip that ended up making such a big difference, and I can boldly say that I have used each of these newborn must-haves almost every single day in my 3-month journey into Motherhood.

>>> The Top 10 Newborn Must-Haves <<<

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1} Graco Dream Suite

If I had to choose one item I couldn’t live without these first few months, it’s definitely this rolling and vibrating bassinet/changing table combo. This thing goes everywhere with me as we change locations around the house. And those middle of the night feedings and diaper changes? A piece of cake with this item next to your bed. At night LS is swaddled within the cozy and vibrating bassinet, and during the day I keep it rotated onto the changing table side where we place her Boppy {when I am not changing her diaper} that she uses as a throne. {Please note: She is supervised at all times.} The storage space below is a huge plus! I keep a couple toys, a bin of diapers, wipes, a spare fitted sheet, plastic bags, and spare batteries beneath this wonderful miracle product. My mom even has one at her house. Seriously, if it’s not on your registry, add it immediately.

2} SwaddleMe

Speaking of swaddling my child in her bassinet, I totally suck. I am awful. Back when we used a regular little blanket, LS would wiggle free almost every night, which is of course terrifying for a new mom – possible suffocation?! My poor husband would be shaken awake simply to re-swaddle LS after a late night/early morning feeding because I was that terrible at it. A friend told me of the existence of velcro swaddles – the most wonderful cheat in all the land! Sure, sometimes if LS is napping we’ll use a blanket, but at night, while she sleeps for 10 hours or so, SwaddleMe is the way to go! 

3} MAM Pacifier Clip

While I am about to sing this clip’s praises, please note that MAM brand are LS’s absolute favorite pacifiers. Okay, onto the clip…

Obviously, pacifiers are a mommy preference, but if you do go that route, do not forget the clips! You will drop oh-so-many pacifiers if you don’t keep them attached to your child. I’ve tried a couple different brands, and some are far more complicated than others. This is the simplest clip I have found because it velcros {vs loop knots} to the paci and has a unique plastic clip that can be attached with just one hand. As a parent you know how quickly you learn to do things one handed!

4} Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer

Speaking of fallen pacis, a bottle warmer makes a magnificent sterilizer! My husband uses the warmer for its primary intention, but the manual also states that it can sterilize pacifiers within two minutes. As LS loses her pacis {yes, it can still happen!}, we drop them into the sterilizer one by one, until she is on her very last. Then I run the contraption, and voila! Her pacis are nice and sterile. I also purchased one for my parents’ house because of how incredibly useful it is.

5} Fridababy Nail Clipper

When entering parenthood, I never imagined the most nerve-wracking routine was going to be clipping my baby’s teeny, tiny nails. I put off the first clipping for a week or so, but it had to be done. Those little razors had already done some damage on her cheeks. I’m not sure if they patented the design, but the bottom blade pushes the baby’s skin back so her nail protrudes over the top blade, ready to be snipped. This is incredibly reassuring and has helped prevent many accidents thus far!

6} Baby K’tan

The first few weeks {and maybe longer}, your newborn wants two things: your milk and your body. There were some evenings when LS was so fussy, the only way to calm her down was to strap her to my chest. I wore her while I vacuumed, worked on my laptop, picked up around the house, and even used the bathroom. YEP. She loved every second of it!

Nowadays I use my K’Tan wrap throughout the airport, shopping, etc. At 3 months she loves facing out and exploring her new world. There are a variety of ways to wear your baby with this wrap, which is why I love it best.

7} Boppy / Pregnancy Pillow

I have combined these two because I use them interchangeably. My husband and I love using the boppy as a throne for LS atop her changing table {safely, as mentioned above}. The pregnancy pillow comes in handy when I breastfeed in bed because it wraps around the front of my body, supporting LS as she feeds. I also use the pillow as a makeshift boppy when taking a morning or afternoon nap in bed with LS.

8} White Noise Machine

If you have done your reading, you know about the fourth trimester. I even downloaded the white noise app as an on-the-go alternative. The “shooshing” noise has calmed LS down a number of times, and I find that it dulls any sharply contrasting sounds that could wake her {i.e. dog sneezes}. I’ve even become quite accustomed to the sounds at night and whip out the app when we travel.

9} Swing / Rocker

My first few days as a mom taught me that it took some hardcore swinging action to calm LS down and get her to sleep. At 3 months this is still the case! If you’ve seen a baby swing in action, you might be surprised at how fast it can go – trust me, we have used that speed!

The rockers are a greater alternative too. They usually vibrate and play music, which is incredibly soothing. My favorite thing about these items is that you can strap your baby in nearby and do some work while she naps.

10} Play Piano Gym

This is our ultimate favorite toy around here. LS has been kicking since we were in the hospital, and laying her down on the mat has been one of our favorite activities together. She makes music with her feet, and she has recently been grabbing at the dangling toys, while giggling at her reflection and cooing. I’ve taken some of my favorite photos of this child being her completely adorable self on this mat. She releases energy, and I release the shutter.

10 Newborn Must-Haves That Are Totally Worth It! | Houston Moms Blog

What are some of your must-have items? Are any of these your #1?


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