10 Unique Pregnancy Announcements

Right here, right now, there is a bit of a Baby Boom going on at HMB.  On our team alone, there are FOUR mamas currently expecting and several more who are hoping to be within the next few months.  So you can imagine the excitement we are all feeling as pregnancy announcement after pregnancy announcement keep filling our newsfeeds.  And while no, I am certainly not one of those mamas on the aforementioned list, I will tell you that I am LOVING how unique and creative all of the fun announcements are.  Every time I see one, it puts a smile on my face and a pep in my step for the beautiful journey that is to come for each of my sweet friends!

So I decided to snag a few of my favorites {with permission, of course!} and highlight all of the many different ways to announce this special time in a woman’s life.  And here you have it, 10 unique pregnancy announcements straight from our team.  Including one fun surprise that has remained a secret until today too!

Unique Pregnancy Announcments

1. Show the Proof

As they say, the proof is in the pudding.  So show off that pregnancy test with those two glorious pink lines or the big, bold letters that spell out – PREGNANT!!!  I’m loving this cute twist Jana did for her first pregnancy, and now — she is currently expecting Baby #3!

Pregnancy Announcement - 7

2. Incorporate Your Faves

As part of your pregnancy announcement, it’s always fun to incorporate a few of your favorite things.  I’ve seen everything from sports teams to hobbies, and the creativity is endless with this one!  Like this precious announcement Chelsea {a total Starbucks lover!} just shared to announce Baby #2 for her sweet family…

Pregnancy Announcement - 1

3. Use Your Roots

Down here in Texas, we LOVE to show off our home state pride whenever we can!  Fun ideas include fields of bluebonnets, cowboy boots, or your town’s population sign — just like Mandy did to show off Baby #2 due this fall…

Pregnancy Announcement - 4

4. Build the Anticipation

So, this one may or may not have been my very own pregnancy announcement when I decided to reveal to the world I was expecting baby #2.  It was so fun because people had NO clue we were even trying, so I wanted to draaaaag out the anticipation as looooong as I could with this sweet little series of pictures…

Pregnancy Announcement - Sibling

5. Sign, Seal, & Deliver It

It’s a fact – in this modern day of email and text messaging, people LOVE to receive snail mail!  So how fun is it to tie your big announcement into a custom-made card or even as a twist on a holiday card you were already planning to send?!  Mandy mailed out this precious holiday card to her family, and even a few of her closest and dearest family members overlooked the fact that it was signed by Baby B!

Pregnancy Announcement - 5

6. Use Props

I have seen some SUPER cute announcements lately with all kinds of simple props – balloons…signs…even a set of safety pins!?!?  You can get so creative with your pregnancy announcement just by grabbing an item or two out of the drawer, like this sweet one from our very own Hannah to announce their adoption…

Pregnancy Announcement - 3

7. Dress for the Occasion

As moms, we can probably all agree that little bitty baby clothes are just about the most adorable thing you will ever see.  So it’s only natural to tie in some of that precious baby garb into your exciting announcement.  Just look at the teeny tiny shoes in this announcement pic from Erica…

Pregnancy Announcement - 8

8. Host a Party

Who says the party has to end once a baby enters into the picture?  For me, it’s the perfect time to host a party!  You can announce your impending arrival on a cake, with the decor, or anything else that comes to mind.  Here’s Misty and her hubby announcing the arrival of little Kate a few years back…

Pregnancy Announcement - 2

9. Bring in the Siblings

If you’re announcing baby #2, or #3, or beyond…then it is always so much fun to bring in the big bro/big sis to make the announcement for you!  How adorable is Kara sitting on the stoop doing the honors?  Her many expressions say it all, don’t you think?!?

Pregnancy Announcement - 6


Hold the presses…  If you follow HMB on the regular, then you are probably thinking, “Wait!  Is that Kristine’s daughter in the picture up there?  But I had NO clue that she was expecting!”  Well…that’s because we are using this post and item #10 as HER big pregnancy announcement.  That’s right – it’s always a blast to sweep people off their feet and completely surprise them with such joyous news.  So I am over the moon that Kristine wanted to share her announcement right here as a surprise on HMB.  Join us in wishing her and her adorable {and growing!} family a great, big congratulations!  We cannot wait for all of these sweet babies to make their arrivals soon!

How did YOU announce your pregnancy?  We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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  1. We had announced our pregnancy to our parents using “Grandma” and “Grandpa” burgers from A&W. My dad was a little slow at realizing, because he thought we had just bought him lunch, but my mom said she knew even before I gave her the burger 🙂

  2. Cute announcements! We included a pic in our Christmas card of our daughter holding a sign that said “Big Sister June 2015”. 🙂
    Congrats to you, Kristine!!

  3. For our third, I made a cookie cake with “And baby makes five” for my parents, a crossword puzzle for #1, word search for #2, dot to dot for #3. For my first, I tied ribbons all over our tree for my husband to see when he came home from work.

  4. We announced our third with a picture of the older two holding hockey sticks, pucks and skates. Next to them was another set of skates and pucks with the caption “we’re going for a hat trick”.
    It was a big hit, especially with my family back home who are all big hockey fans 🙂


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