Why We Should All Be Feminists

Let’s start off by defining feminism and who are feminists. According to Merriam Webster, feminism can be defined as::

1: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
2: organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests
The. Social. Equality. Of. The. Sexes.
Say it louder for the people in the back. Feminism = Equality. It’s something that was fought long and hard for; but still, in 2020, we have people who cringe at the words feminism and feminist. Slipping these words into everyday conversation has people making jokes about burning bras and all-female communes. Don’t get me wrong, there are some days that I do want to burn my bra, but this isn’t due to protesting by feminists.
I find it unnerving that these conversations still need to be had. But, I do find it important to be having them so that our sisters and our daughters can be in a better and more equalized spot one day.

Equality at Home and in the Workplace

Let’s talk about equality and fair treatment. In the workplace, for example, females statistically make less than their male counterparts. Females have fewer opportunities to advance due to the still-present assumption that because they can procreate and bear children that actually makes them less equipped or able to perform the job. I get it. We’re fighting against centuries of social norms and stereotypes. But just because you are a female does not give your boss or anyone that interviews you the right to ask you questions like, “Who will take care of the kids?” or, “What will you do once you get pregnant/have the baby?”. They aren’t asking your husband those questions.
Over the years, women have been told to speak softer, act less aggressive, dress differently and appear less driven in order to not seem too bossy or too assertive. Men with those same characteristics are praised for their leadership abilities and given titles to match. What this does is create women who are afraid to speak up due to what others will think of them. It creates a culture of inequality and frustration that is the opposite of feminism.

We Must Not Tolerate Less than Equal Treatment

Before you scroll away because this is starting to sound like a “she” vs. “he” debate, I assure you that I am getting to my point. The truth of the matter is that if we are to strive for political, social and economic equality of the sexes, then we cannot stand by and continue to tolerate less than equal treatment. I asked my husband how many times he has walked into a room professionally and been asked if he was the assistant or a position that was less than what he holds. He paused and said…”NEVER.” I have lost count of how many times it has been assumed that I am not the one in charge, the one giving the speech, or the one with any power when in fact, I WAS all of those things. When a man walks into a room, it’s kind of assumed that he has the floor. Sisters, Mothers, Daughters, Husbands, Sons, Fathers, and People…we have to shift this mentality.

The Responsibility of Men to be Feminists

Not only do we as women have to stand up into our own power, but men have to stop making assumptions before we even open our mouths to speak. There are a lot of amazing men {my husband included} that do get it. They don’t assume, discriminate or judge based upon sex. They simply treat everyone as equals, because that’s exactly what we are. If we are to make this world a better place for our daughters and granddaughters, we have to keep having the conversation. Raising my kids to grow up knowing these truths is a personal mission of mine.
I feel lucky to be surrounded by real forward thinkers in both my home and professional life, but there have been times where I have been made to feel small, inferior or less than due to the fact that I am a young female {with children}. I am here to tell you that you CAN do anything you set your mind to, you CAN be in charge, you DO deserve a seat at the table, and you’re NOT bossy, you ARE a LEADER. Being a Feminist isn’t a female thing it’s a PEOPLE thing. Moms and dads, let’s raise our sons and daughters to ALL be feminists.

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