A New Kind of Preschool:: Prescolaire in The Woodlands

While we have thankfully partnered with Prescolaire Academy for this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Last weekend I took a tour of a new preschool in The Woodlands:: Préscolaire Academy. The building itself is so impressive that I am proud to share it with you::

A New Kind of Preschool: Prescolaire The Woodlands. A photograph of a classroom with a large solar system model on the ceiling. Logo: Houston moms blog.

Préscolaire saw a need in The Woodlands for a school that introduces advanced subjects to children, in our increasingly technological world, in an age appropriate way. They engage their students in basic math, science, language, and critical thinking skills, while giving them the play time that their age needs.

When you walk in, you are immediately impressed by the look of the lobby. Next to the giant aquarium are several televisions showing the security feeds from across the school. On either side of the lobby, you see these screens, and are immediately at ease knowing the school prioritizes security of your child above all else.

A classroom with clocks labeled for different times zones and a large world map. Throughout the school there are special rooms dedicated to playing and learning. From the science room, the media room, the art room, the library, and more, you can see how important your child’s education is to Préscolaire. They focus on your young learners and their ability to solve problems, face challenges with flexibility, and handle change. They also have a robotics lab!

A child's eating area with fake grass and trees. One of the coolest areas they have resembles a city-play area in a children’s museum. Your child securely rotates through this room to pretend play with their friends while they work in a grocery store, as a firefighter, and more.

The director I met with explained that at Préscolaire, everyone is like a family. The employees are personally invested in your child’s success and well-being. They know your child and how to ensure that each child achieves measurable learning outcomes in preschool subjects like math, science, literacy, technology and critical thinking—skills that will serve as a solid foundation as their education continues.

A playground. Enrollment has begun and they are up and running! Children, aging from infant to preschool to after school care kids, are welcome to apply and join the Préscolaire, family. They have Spring Break and Summer Camps available as well.

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A New Kind of Preschool: Prescolaire The Woodlands. A photograph of a classroom with a large solar system model on the ceiling. Logo: Houston moms blog.

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