10 Yearly Tasks to Keep Your Home Working for You

The beginning of the year is a great time to update and clean your home! Let’s call it the prep work for spring cleaning. While spring cleaning can be about decluttering and airing things out, winter refresh is more about keeping the home functioning in tip-top shape! Follow this list of yearly tasks to help clean and maintain your home during the year more efficiently.

Deep Clean Your Mattress

Woman finishes one of the yearly tasks-cleaning the mattress- and gives a thumbs up while sitting on the bedWe wash our sheets weekly (or monthly, who are we kidding) but you know what goes untouched? The mattress! Get rid of the dust, sweat, and skin cells and revamp the surface you spend 6-8 hours each night! To get started, use a garment steamer and cover the bed thoroughly. This will disinfect and kill dust mites. Then use your vacuum attachment to go over the mattress again to remove the dust mites the steaming killed. Put on your fresh sheets after 1 to 2 hours, and you’re all set.

Check Your Gutters

hand cleaning leaves out of guttersIt’s good to get up there yearly and check in on the health of our gutters. With the Houston weather bringing so many different weather conditions, our gutters can really take a beating during the year. So call someone out or head up there and see what kind of condition they are in. Do you need any repairs or replacements? They may just need a good old gutter clean out. Either way, it’s a good idea to stay on top of it at the beginning of each year.

Clean Those Nasty Car Seats

girl smiling in carseatThis one is my least favorite task on this list. But you know what I do like? After I get that car seat all clean, and wrestle it back on the base, it looks BRAND NEW. Plus, it gives me a reminder to vacuum under the seats too. (IYKYK). To remove any tricky stains try a liquid carpet cleaner but a quick machine wash should also work wonders.

Clean the Dishwasher

empty dishwasher with drawer pulled outThe dishwasher is my right-hand gal in the kitchen. I know after cooking a family meal for five, the last thing I want to do is hand wash anything! To start, get in the habit of removing any food left over from the previous wash. Also, check the filter at the bottom of the tub; it should be a twist and pop. It’s yucky, so run it under hot water and clean it well with soap. Lastly, shake some baking soda on the bottom of the dishwasher tub and run one cycle through. This will leave your right-hand gal in tip-top shape and ready to take on the after-dinner shift.

Maintain the Garbage Disposal

hand reaches under sink to garbage disposalWhile you are in the kitchen doing other yearly tasks, take a look at the garbage disposal. This is another place where bacteria and grime like to build up. A good way to start cleaning this area is by cleaning or replacing the rubber baffle. Next, pour 1/2 cup baking soda into the disposal. Let it sit for 30 mins. Then pour 1 cup of vinegar into the drain. Listen to the FIZZ! Leave for another 15 minutes. Lastly, run hot water for 1-2 mins. Extra points if you toss a few orange peels or lemon peels into the disposal to crush the smell.

Vacuum the Dryer Vent

vacuuming dryer ventAdulting hack! Did you know you could do this? Every year, disconnect the vent of your dryer and use the hose from your vacuum cleaner to reach in and clean as far back as you can. This will remove any lint of fluff hanging out in the tube. You will notice your clothes drying faster and maybe even smell better! Win win!

Sanitize Your Phone

person wipes off phone with cleaning clothTotally not something you should only do yearly, but it seems like a good way to start the year off. Your phone has more germs than some bathroom services (we’ve all heard that by now right?) So say goodbye to germs and wipe your phone, remotes, keys, handles, etc. with a Clorox or Lysol wipe. Make sure the surface stays wet for about 5 minutes to get full effect, then wipe anyway any moisture with a microfiber cloth

Soften Towels

woman folds towelsWant to make your towels soft and full? Want to get that weird smell out and have fresh linens for guests to use? Great. Start by running one load of towels on extra hot. Next, add 1 cup of white vinegar (drop into top loading machines, and use the detergent container for front loading machines). Run the laundry again with hot water and vinegar only. Next, run the load again on hot with 1/2 cup baking soda. Nothing else. When the towels are done, immediately move them to the dryer to dry completely. Even a small bit of moisture in a towel can cause mold to grow so make sure to dry well. When dry, you can fold, put away, and enjoy your refreshed towels all year!

Sanitize Toys

toys in dishwasher for cleaningAfter giving your dishwasher a good clean, it’s a good opportunity to toss some of the kids’ plastic toys in for a cycle. You can add most plastic toys, legos, toothbrush holders, combs, clippers, and pet bowls. All can be cleaned the hands-free way.

Make Your Own Cleaner

wiping and spraying counterTo help with some of these yearly tasks, switch out a cleaning product for something you make at home, and save a few bucks! This cleaner recipe (4 tbs banking soda and 1 qt warm water in a spray bottle) will have everything in your kitchen shiny and clean. Apply it to the surface and then wipe with a sponge. Use a damp cloth to rinse if you need. There are tons of ideas online on how to spruce up this recipe, add some citrus or maybe some essential oil for an added olfactory treat.

There you have it, 10 yearly tasks to refresh the home at the beginning of the year. Taking care of your home doesn’t have to be a dreaded time-consuming event. Some of these ideas take less than 5 minutes! But by setting these home jobs on a yearly schedule, you can keep your house clean, efficient, and working hard for you and your family.

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  1. CPST here. Liquid carpet cleaner is NOT ok for cleaning car seat fabrics. Machine wash with a gentle detergent (if allowed), and follow drying directions.


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