Yes, I am That Mom, but It’s All About Perspective

The older I get, the more my perspective changes on motherhood, and really, on life in general. We all know That Mom. She is messy, late, loud, unsure of her kids schedules, not put together…you get the picture. Some days, we are all That Mom:: the mom who from the outside looks like a hot mess, but really is brave, confident and just doing the best she can.

I am That Mom | Houston Moms BlogI no longer lament over what doesn’t get done; rather, I celebrate what DOES get done. As a 47 year old mom of a seven year old and 3 year old twins, I used to worry about being the oldest mom.  Now, I think of myself as one of the bravest. After giving birth at 40, I was brave enough – or crazy enough- to have twins a month before turning 44. If my gray roots are showing, it’s because I keep everyone else’s appointments, but can’t quite squeeze mine in. But there’s still a victory there.

In seconds, That Mom who is the oldest at the school functions and is looking really tired becomes That Mom who is brave and able to keep up with the younger moms. And she is confident:: she didn’t have time for her own hair appointment, but she made time for everyone else and didn’t let gray roots ruin her day.

It may seem trivial, but there are days I am working my hardest to keep up. And a bit of a confidence booster goes a long way.

Today, I made it ON TIME to drop off my son {in Houston rush hour traffic}. That Mom was still in my pajamas, but we made it. Victory.

Then, after forgetting about my twins’ swim lesson {oops}, I shower, grab towels, change the twins, and we make it! That Mom applied her makeup and dried her hair with the hand dryer in the bathroom instead of watching her children’s lesson. Instead of feeling embarrassed, I celebrate my multitasking.

Later, after hurriedly dressing the twins, {sort of} and combing their hair, That Mom set out to battle H-Town traffic again to make it to my son’s pizza party at his camp. Yes, I sweated all my makeup off, but we made it, and the kids looked cute. Win.

The last time That Mom attempted to dress up and be really put together, I looked down and had one unpainted toe nail. I told my sweet friend who knows I’m super dramatic, “This is how I feel my entire life! Like I almost make it but not quite… I live my life with one toe unpainted!!”  Oh the drama! But I give that one toenail a not so ladylike gesture… and I celebrate the nine I painted. I ROCK those nine toes!

“That Mom” can be ANYTHING if we praise ourselves for the things we did right in time we had, instead of pummeling ourselves mentally for what we could not possibly squeeze in. Who knew it could be that simple?? Perspective.

 About Jimmie Sue M.

Jimmie Sue is an ER nurse turned stay at home mom. She lives in Garden Oaks with her husband, her serious 7 year old, zany 3 year old twins, and two dogs. Since experiencing Harvey in a big way and being diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, she tries to live life to the fullest and not sweat the small stuff.


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