5 Reasons to #ActivateAwesome With Urban Air This Summer

It seems like all I talk about anymore is how blasted HOT it is. But seriously, y’all. While we had an amazing spring, summer came in full force and she’s not playing around. And if you’re anything like me, you are looking for a way to stay cool, keep the kids entertained and active, and also get a little downtime for yourself. Well, thank goodness Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park in Pasadena is OPEN! Last weekend my little crew and I had the opportunity to check it out at their grand opening, and oh.my.goodness, we all had a blast! Why should you head to Urban Air this summer? So glad you asked…

The Attractions

Your kiddos’ minds will absolutely be BLOWN away by this fully inclusive indoor amusement adventure. Of course, they have the standard trampolines {which are awesome by the way!}, but for the more adventurous at heart, Urban Air Pasadena also boasts 9 other attractions, including a Sky Rider zip line, indoor ropes course, a Slam Dunk Zone, a plethora of colorful climbing walls, and more. My kiddos weren’t quite tall enough for the zip line but they were amazed to see all of the riders literally flying around the entire facility. The ropes courses {4 in total} were the definite favorite of the day as they channeled their inner American Ninja Warrior. Secretly I think their favorite part was falling into the cushy clear plastic ball pit every time as they laughed uproariously.

The Work Out

You know those rope courses I mentioned? They will flat wear a kid OUT. And because I happened to be wearing my athletic clothes as well {who are we kidding, that’s on the daily here}, I got in on the action, too. Not only was it super fun, but it was a major muscle burner! I was having too much fun to really notice until the next day and truly I was a little sore, but in a good way. I am always super grateful to find places where my kids can get a good sweat on while still having a great time in the summer. We do enough iPads and screentime around our house so when we get out, we want to get moving! {Fun fact :: They were voted the BEST Gym In America for Kids by Shape Magazine!}

The Cleanliness

Upon entering Urban Air in Pasadena, I was immediately struck by just how clean everything was. I mean, it was the grand opening, so I wouldn’t have expected anything less. However, I noticed that during our entire 3 hour visit the staff was everywhere, wiping things down constantly and sanitizing the areas. As a momma, while I try not to be a total germaphobe, I am cognizant of the places we go and how clean it is. There is nothing worse than leaving a day of fun and feeling like you need to bathe in Listerine after you get home. I was pleasantly surprised when we got home that I didn’t feel like I brought a few extra “germ friends” home with us.

The Amenities

While it’s totally fun to run and jump with my kids, I’m also super appreciative of some mommy downtime and a BREAK. Urban Air Pasadena gets this and has created a parent’s lounge along with a full service cafe. From where the tables were, I could keep an eye on the kiddos on the climbing wall and rest my tired feet. And y’all. Get this. Between the ropes course and the trampoline area, there were MASSAGE CHAIRS for us. What? Yeah, I was all in on those.

The Celebrations

Even though it was grand opening day, several families were already hosting birthday parties there. I can fully attest that those kiddos were living it UP! Their Party Reservation Specialist takes care of all the details so all you have to do is show up and be ready to #ActivateAwesome. As a mom of twins who happen to have summer birthdays, I’m always looking for new and unique places that are INDOORS to host our parties. Urban Air perfectly fits that bill and I’m not even a little bit sad that I don’t have to decorate or clean up. And all the mamas said, AMEN. {Pssttt :: I think it would also be an awesome place for a corporate team building event or a school spirit night!}

Are you ready to #ActivateAwesome? Connect with Urban Air – Pasadena…

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Pasadena, TX 77505


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