6 Ways to Connect With Your Family This Spring

We are thrilled to partner with Camp Olympia to bring you this sponsor content, and we hope it helps bring you and your son a little closer this February too!

There is nothing quite like those family bonds.  But I’ll also admit, it’s so easy to get stuck in our daily routine.  With schedules to keep, households to maintain, errands to run, homework to do, dinner to cook, laundry to fold, swim lessons to attend, basketball practice that’s not to be missed … the list could go on and on. Lately, I’ve found there is definitely the need to intentionally schedule some time to take a step away, wind down, and truly connect with my kids.

So as we segue into February and then into Spring, we are partnering with our long standing sponsors at Camp Olympia to share some ideas on how to be intentional about that special family bond.

6 Ways to Connect With Your Family This Spring

1} Explore Nature

Weather in Houston right now — it’s not too cold, it’s not too hot. Many of our Springish {February counts as Spring here in Houston, right?} days are spent just right. Seize this opportunity to explore nature. Some of our personal favorites include ::

  • Feeding the turtles in a nearby creek.
  • Going on a bug hunt. {We have a serious roly-poly surplus on our street, and my guy has put his roly-poly playground to good use for going on four years now!}
  • Taking a bike ride along the bayou. My son and I logged 4 miles together the other day. It took us a whole 59 minutes to ride 4 miles {ha!}, but the memories will last a lifetime.
  • Take a nature walk and just … talk.
  • Find and smell the wildflowers. Not sure where to look? Find a bayou trail near you in the Bayou City, and I promise you will smell them before you see them. I was already able to smell them just this past weekend!
  • Go fishing.

6 Ways to Connect With Your Son This Valentine's Day | Houston Moms Blog

2} Schedule a Family Fun Day

It’s the most perfect time to plan a date with your whole family.  Here’s a few ideas ::

  • See a movie in the theatre and share some popcorn.
  • Have a fancy {or fancier than your kids have ever had} dinner together. One where you all have to dress up and be really intentional about your time together and conversations at the table.
  • Or … opt for a fun, casual dinner. Good Dog is a personal fave, but I do have to say kids would be quite alright splitting a large queso with their mommy.
  • Go bowling.
  • Go skating – perhaps even ice skating!
  • Go camping … keep reading for some terrifically fun opportunities that involve the whole family.

6 Ways to Connect With Your Son This Valentine's Day | Houston Moms Blog

3} Garden

Those three.whole.days of winter we had here in Houston {you know the ones where the temps got below freezing and stayed there for more than 5 hours?} got the best of our yard and our plants. You too? If so, make a date of it and let your entire family have a hand in it. Visit a garden center, let the kids pick some of their favorites, give the littles a spade, and spend a couple hours planting new flowers and plants.

6 Ways to Connect With Your Son This Valentine's Day | Houston Moms Blog

4} Get Outside

June will be here before we know it which means those dreadful 90 degree days will be here all too soon. So let’s give our wifi a break this spring. Power down the iPads and the televisions. Heck, even give the books a break for a bit. Soak up every bit of these 70 and 80 degree days outside while we can with semi-perspiration and less humidity. Play soccer, have nerf gun wars {like these guys}, skateboard, drive Power Wheels, blow bubbles, draw chalk art, jump on trampolines, play on those swing sets. The sky is the limit!

6 Ways to Connect With Your Son This Valentine's Day | Houston Moms Blog

5} Teach Valuable Lessons

Show your guy what it means to be a gentleman and your girl what it means to be a lady. Sure, this is one that can and should apply to all times of the year, but it’s especially perfect timing with Valentine’s day right around the corner.  Here’s some easy options ::

  • Let the kids pick out their own Valentine’s Day treats for classmates and friends. They’ll love the freedom to choose, and it also helps instill the importance of giving to others.
  • Bake cookies — take them to an elderly neighbor or your local fire department {like they did on this fire station visit}.
  • Teach him to hold the door and that ladies go first.
  • Teach her how to be a little lady.
  • Work together on random acts of kindness for friends and neighbors.

6 Ways to Connect With Your Son This Valentine's Day | Houston Moms Blog

6} Enjoy a Weekend Away … at CAMP together!

Another option, and our most favorite of all, is to combine all of these listed above and check out Camp Olympia for their Open House Carnival on Saturday, March 25th. Take your children, take your whole family, you can even take friends.  Thinking about sending your kiddo to camp this year or in the near future? This is the perfect time to tour Camp Olympia’s facilities, meet their full-time staff and summer counselors, and enjoy all their family-fun activities. We think Camp Olympia is a great choice for summer camps and we even made a blog on reasons why we love Camp Olympia! At the carnival, you and your family will enjoy horseback riding, fishing, archery, miniature golf, a giant swing, plus so much more. A delicious lakeside lunch will be available for families to enjoy from 11:30am – 1:30pm. Make it a fun, family day at Camp Olympia! No R.S.V.P. required!

Saturday, March 25 from 10am – 4pm
723 Olympia Drive
Trinity, TX 75862

6 Ways to Connect With Your Son This Valentine's Day | Houston Moms Blog

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