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So, how’s the Spring Cleaning coming along for you?  Completely done…almost there…still working on it?  Don’t worry – I am too.  But if you are anything like me, the more you clean out, the more you realize all that you need.  And I am quickly realizing that I need cute little bubble dresses for the girl and handsome madras shorts for the boy.  You know…since this crazy Houston weather is FINALLY warming up!  Thankfully, I followed those 8 easy tips for selling kid’s stuff from earlier this month, so I have a little spending cash to stock up the closets.  Yippee!

When it comes to kid’s clothes, I am bound and determined to stretch my dollar as far as I can, so I LOVE shopping at resale shops like our sponsor Kid to Kid Houston Galleria.  And I’m here to share with you 8 easy tips to ensure you get the most bang for your buck too.  Money saving tips on top of a store that already saves you money?  Yes, please!

8 Easy Tips for Buying Resale

1. Think Ahead

When I first started shopping resale, I would go in to the store with one mission in mind – to buy exactly what I needed at that point in time.  But now I go in thinking about what I may need for upcoming holidays, or for next season, or sometimes even for the following year!  Kid to Kid makes it so easy because all of their clothes are categorized by size with holiday items on the endcaps, so I can browse the racks and stock pile all I need for months to come.

Tips for Buying Resale 2

2. Think of Others

It’s easy to get carried away with all that you need for your own kiddos, but don’t forget to look for goodies for that upcoming baby shower you have next weekend or the birthday party your little one just got invited to.  Personally, I LOVE all of the new Melissa & Doug items that K2K carries, and those have become my go to gifts for the barrage of birthday parties that have been filling our calendar lately.

Tips for Buying Resale 3

3. Ask for Help

Kid to Kid is overflowing with ALL things kids.  {Seriously, they have EVERYTHING!}  And while their store is so well kept and organized, it is definitely easy to get overwhelmed when you first walk in the door.  So don’t be afraid to ask for help!  Their staff is incredibly friendly and genuinely wants to help you find exactly what you need.

Tips for Buying Resale 4

4. Create a Wish List

In search of something super particular or coveting that fancy brand you won’t dare spend retail prices on?  Create a wish list!  I am DROOLING over the Petunia Picklebottom boxy backpacks right now…but the frugal shopper in me refuses to pay $200 for something I am just going to shove diapers in.  So I wrote that puppy down on my wish list, and I am anxiously awaiting a call from Kid to Kid when they get one in.  This is also great for expecting moms who have plenty of time to nest and prepare for all that a baby needs…because it’s a lot!

Tips for Buying Resale 5

5. Keep an Eye on Social Media

K2K is on pretty much every social media outlet there is {Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…}, and they are so good at posting new arrivals online.  So be sure to follow them and keep an eye on their activity.  If you see something you just have to have {which I know you will!}, give them a call and ask them to hold it for up to an hour.  Then hop in the car and go snatch it up!

Tips for Buying Resale 6

6. Keep an Eye on Sales

They are always posting sales and promotions on their social media outlets too.  {Like the awesome sale they had on their 99 cent onesie table the other day!}  Have you clicked over and started following them yet?  Because you definitely should.

Tips for Buying Resale 7

7. Get a Red Bag

If you shop at Kid to Kid, then you MUST get a red bag.  Buy one for just $3.99 OR do like I did and spend $100 and get one for FREE!   Then, take advantage of their monthly promotions exclusively for red bag holders.  This March you get $10 off your purchase of $50 or more.  {Yet another money saver.  Do you think they realize how many different ways there are?!?  Shh…don’t tell hem.}

Tips for Buying Resale 8

8. Doesn’t Work?  No Worries!

As long as the tags are still on, you have up to seven days to return an item for store credit.  Perfect when you are trying to guesstimate your rapidly growing toddler’s size.  Not that I know from experience or anything.


If you ask me – resale shopping is absolutely the way to go when shopping for your littles!  Because you KNOW they will just outgrow those outfits in a month or two…and you KNOW they always seem to need just one. more. thing.  And I’m not sure about you, but I’d rather fork over that money for a college savings account than just wave it all good-bye when paying full price.

Tips for Buying Resale 9

So pack up your kiddos and go check out Kid to Kid Houston Galleria soon.  They make it all too easy to shop the day away with an awesome play area for kids and even a changing station that is stocked with diapers and wipes.  And don’t forget – they are giving all Houston Moms Blog readers a 10% discount this March too!  {How many sales / discounts / promotions are we up to now?  I can’t even count.}  And just in case you need just one more reason to shop, we are hosting a giveaway for some store credit below…

This week we are giving one lucky reader ::

A Gift Certificate

to Kid to Kid Houston Galleria

Winner :: Amy M.

[hr] Please Note :: We are so thankful that Kid to Kid Houston Galleria has sponsored our ‘Spring Cleaning :: Out With the Old, In With the New’ series!  As you are deep cleaning and decluttering your house this spring, we encourage you to check out their amazing resale store down in the heart of Houston.  While there, you can sell all of your unwanted kid’s stuff…and then buy the things that you need!

Kid to Kid Houston Galleria

1737 Post Oak Boulevard

Houston, TX 77056


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  1. I buy all my kids clothes on end of season clearance and stock up for next year. I always find many name brand clothes in perfect condition for very little money 🙂

    • Yes! So smart. My kids are such crazy growers though (my son is slooow and my girl goes up a size almost every month right now), so I have a hard time guessing where they will be the following year though. Any advice for me on that??

  2. I heard about k2kgalleria through a friend and have been shopping there since! I Love this store! 🙂 Good stuff for great prices!!


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