A Love Letter to My Menstrual Cup

Dear menstrual cup,

A Love Letter to My Menstrual CupI’ll admit, I was skeptical of you at first. I heard from friends of your magical period powers, but dismissed you as a hippie invention. I’m a crunchy dabbler at best. Except for that time I used midwives for birthing both of my babies. I was convinced to try you when my period returned after my second kid, in all its annoying glory. 

I did my research, and chose the Cora cup as it was rated the best for beginners, I was definitely a beginner. I got you in the mail, watched several videos on insertion, and waited for my period to come. I was weirdly excited to try you. It was like having a new period toy, if that’s even a thing. The day finally came, and I watched my videos again and tried you for the first time {with some finagling and a bit of lube to assist}. Once you were inside, I couldn’t even feel you. A gift twenty years of using tampons never gave me. 

A Love Letter to My Menstrual CupAnd here’s where I experienced your magic. It’s not as much about what I gained but what I lost. Gone was the feeling of a soggy tampon string in my underwear. Gone was the planning poops around changing said tampons. Gone was having to worry about bringing things with me when I left the house, calculating how much supplies I might need {and with two kids in diapers having one less thing to bring was amazing}. The stains in my underwear from leaks? No more! The worry every time I accidentally flushed a tampon that I was going to clog my pipes one day? Adios! The low key guilt that I was contributing to destroying the earth? Bye! The full can of trash at the end of every period? See ya!

The freedom was intoxicating. I even at times…*gasp*… forgot I was on my period. Something I didn’t even know was possible. So many burdens and inconveniences you gloriously freed me from. And then the things you helped me gain. You see, menstrual cup, I’ve not always had the most intimate and positive relationship with my vagina. Particularly when it comes to periods. I remember several tear filled attempts to use tampons for the first time that didn’t work out. My poor mother was hovering outside the bathroom door while I screeched at her NOT TO COME IN. I remember sitting out of pool parties until the day my cousins convened in the bathroom to coach me through a tampon lesson so I could go swimming with the boy I liked {it’s all about the motivation}. I remember countless instances of leaks, stained clothes, and most recently having to change the freaking sheets. 

I resented this fact of my body. I found it gross and inconvenient. And here’s where your magic worked again. You see, by the nature of your use, I had to get up close and personal with my vagina. I had to get to know it in a new way, and we became a team to get this to work. I gained a new confidence and appreciation for this part of my body. Something even birthing two babies didn’t even make me feel. 

So thank you, menstrual cup, for giving me freedom from my past period woes, and helping find new appreciation and connection with my body. You’ve helped me grow into my womanhood. I will evangelize about you forever to everyone {I know my husband is already tired of hearing about it} and I will never be going back. 




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