All My Single Mamas:: How to Treat Yo’ Self this Mother’s Day

I remember my first Mother’s Day as a single mama {which, due to a series of unexpected events, was my first Mother’s Day}. I told my teacher bestie that I was feeling sad that I wouldn’t get a Mother’s Day card; I was just venting and did not expect anything but a listening ear from a good friend. The Friday before Mother’s Day, I received 27 cards from my students— and 27,000 tears fell from my face. I expressed what I needed to someone I love and she went above and beyond to provide it for me.

As single parents, sometimes it’s hard to find our voice and ask for help. We are used to doing things on our own and not expecting much from people—even the people that love us. So for this Mother’s Day, I want to share some tips to all my single mamas on how to make sure this Mother’s Day is special for you—because you are worth it.

All My Single Mamas:: How to Treat Yo' Self this Mother's DayAsk for What You Want

Single mamas:: chances are, there is someone in your life that wants to celebrate you, but they may not know how.

• If you are dating someone, you have to let them know what you expect out of this day. Remember, this isn’t a test, so give them reminders and suggestions all the way up to the date.
• Tell your friends! I am blessed to have a group text with women that I have known for almost 20 years. We share memes, updates, wins and losses–EVERYTHING. I had to get to a point where I included my needs as part of that ‘everything.’ I ask them each year to send me a thoughtful email to encourage me and show me some love that I won’t read until Mother’s Day. Because we love each other, it’s not awkward or selfish—it’s self care.

Find What You Want

Even if you aren’t {yet} blessed with a group of friends or family that will come around you and support you on Mother’s Day, you are not out of luck.

• Have your child chose a gift for you. Yes, you will have to pay for it, but you are gifting yourself and teaching your child how to show love through giving. One day they will be able create a gift or write a thoughtful card on their own because you have instilled this message in them.
• Find events that are happening around the city. Many churches have single mom events on Mother’s Day—events that are planned and a moment for you to get some spiritual and physical gifts!

Give Yourself What You Want

Who knows your love language best? You do! So, go ahead, girl, treat yourself! On the first day of school I send myself my favorite popcorn with a note about how awesome I am—and on Mother’s Day I do the same. I have a basket with all of the cute things that I need/want and I wrap it up—because why not? On Mother’s Day, I give my son a 2-hour Movie Pass to watch Disney+, and I sit in the living room and unwrap all of my lovely gifts.

No matter what your day ends up looking like, remember that you are valued and you are loved. Hopefully you’ll find a moment to celebrate yourself, and if no one tells you I will. 

Single mamas, you are seen! Happy Mother’s Day.


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