The ONLY Stroller You’ll Ever Need

We are thrilled to be partnering with Austlen to bring you this sponsored post. As you can see, our team is loving this awesome new stroller, and we just know that you will too!

I am slightly stroller obsessed; at one point, I owned four of them.  They offer convenience and protection to babies and toddlers in the Texas heat.  They provide shade and an easy way to tote all of my baby’s accessories {and maybe a few of mine too}.  But even with all their conveniences, I admit, four strollers is a little excessive.  {Read :: My husband said I’d gone overboard and insisted I open up some storage space in the garage.}  So, eventually I cut the number to three strollers, but I could never go less than that since they each had a different feature that I deemed mandatory for mom life…

  1. Click-N-Go :: This is my “must have” when the baby is snoozing in his car seat.  I just pop the infant seat in the stroller {without waking the baby, of course} and we’re ready to roll.
  2. Lightweight :: A trip to Target or anywhere with limited space demands a lightweight stroller.  It may not be capable of carrying a ton of supplies, but it is easy to navigate.
  3. Heavy Duty ::  If we’re headed to the zoo or anywhere that requires snacks and drinks, a change of clothes, or more than one bag, I switch to a heavy duty stroller than can haul more weight.

While I do have strollers to cover most situations, I recently found myself stressing over which stroller would best handle our kids and luggage at the airport on our upcoming trip to Disney World.  I will need space for the baby to ride most of the time while we navigate the parks *and* a place for my 5 year old to rest her legs after a long day of entertaining princesses.  This means we will need to add a sit & stand to our arsenal.  {Did you just hear my husband groan?}  But, an average sit & stand still doesn’t solve the problem of making it through the airport with all of our bags.  We’d need a heavy duty stroller with some storage capacity to handle those.  Sigh.  Back to hunting for another stroller number four…

As I was researching and pouring over my stroller options, I decided to do something a bit shocking.  I’m getting rid of the first three.  Why?  Because I’ve finally found a stroller that replaces them all and will be the ONLY stroller I’ll ever need for the rest of my stroller-pushing days.

 Enter the Austlen Entourage!  This stroller combines my “essential three” into one stroller, and it’s easily the most adaptable {and beautiful!} stroller I’ve ever laid eyes on.  

If you caught our recent Facebook Live video, then you can see the functionality and practicality that the Austlen Entourage offers.  It quickly switches from a single stroller to a double to a sit & stand … AND it still folds flat to fit in the back of my small SUV.   The Entourage is the perfect mix of every stroller rolled into one and can easily accommodate any situation life throws at me.  Below are just a few of my favorite things about my newest {and now ONLY} stroller, complete with pictures from my girl Roxy who is also a raving fan of the stroller too!

Austlen Entourage :: The ONLY Stroller You'll Ever Need | Houston Moms Blog


I’m not a bit exaggerating when I say that you could purchase this stroller before having your first child, and it would last from infancy to toddlerhood to beyond … and also accommodate as you grow your family too.  Just one peek at the over 30 different configurations, and you can easily see how this stroller is perfect for every age of child and every stage of life with little ones.  {Twin Mamas, this stroller would be perfection for two babies too!}

Austlen Entourage :: The ONLY Stroller You'll Ever Need | Houston Moms Blog


The Entourage is stunningly gorgeous.  {I never knew a stroller could be so pretty, but lo and behold!}  But beyond it’s aesthetics, this stroller is incredibly functional too.  Perfect example…  Our first outing with the Entourage was to my 5 year old’s ballet rehearsal.  The ballerina check-in line was a mile long, and it was over 90 degrees outside.  Add in all of her accessories, and a baby, and this could have been be a recipe for disaster.  

Instead, I loaded down the expanded Austlen Entourage with — a ballet bag, garment bag, and diaper bag in the lower storage compartment as well as a couple of Chick-fil-A bags, drinks, my phone, and car keys perfectly nestled in the market tote.  Once I’d unloaded the ballerina’s gear, I simply pressed a button and switched it back to a single stroller.  Then, when the baby’s bedtime came around, I reclined the seat and converted it to a bassinet for him to snooze in for the next few hours.  This one stroller met all of our needs for the evening.  It’s like a minivan on wheels!

Austlen Entourage :: The ONLY Stroller You'll Ever Need | Houston Moms Blog


As you can see from the above, the storage capacity for the Austlen Entourage is impressive with 150 pounds of kid and cargo capacity!  Personally, I love the high-capacity bottom storage basket for heavier items while grocery shopping {bottled water, dog food, etc.}, but I have to say — that expandable market tote is clutch.  I can easily load it down with small items like at the dance recital, or I can expand it and throw in pool noodles, beach towels, and sunscreen galore before hitting the pool.  And the ease of use when I’ve got a baby on my hip and another at my feet makes me love it even more!

I cannot wait to get more use out of the Austlen Entourage stroller and see how it holds up on our upcoming Disney trip.  {Stay tuned!} Based on my experiences so far, this self proclaimed stroller connoisseur and mama of two rates it an A+ … and I’m so excited that I get to share this new mom must-have with all of you too!


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