The BEST of HMB :: Top 10 Posts of 2016

While the entire internet seems to be up in arms over what a horrible year 2016 has been, here at Houston Moms Blog we can’t help but think it was pretty dang fantastic!  Over the past twelve months, we have seen well over ONE MILLION pageviews and grown our social media following to more than 30,000 mamas strong.  Plus, we rolled out our Mom’s Monthly Guide to Houston, bulked up our monthly calendar with more happenings around town, and continued to grow our Family Directory as a one-stop resource for raising a family in Houston.  And because our mission extends well beyond connecting mamas online, we’ve also hosted 13 events across town to encourage meaningful in-person connections with each other, with our team, and with the businesses and brand that we love.

So as we face the final days, hours, and minutes of one heck of a year, we can’t help but take a look back on our top 10 most read blog posts that were published in 2016, as well as a few honorable mentions that just barely missed the list too.  From rants to reflections, and from guides to holy grails…  Our writers covered it ALL over the past twelve months, and I am beyond proud of our amazing team and the time, energy, and emotions they pour into everything they write.  My hope is that you’ll take a few minutes to read each of these posts one last time before we begin a new year, and I encourage you to share on social media any of the posts that may strike a chord or touch your heart.  Thank you for walking alongside us in this journey of parenting in Houston, and from all of us to all of you — cheers to all that 2017 may bring!

The Best of Houston Moms Blog :: Top 10 Posts of 2016

The BEST of HMB :: Top 10 Posts of 2016

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10. When Your Child Asks About Mine

“We all know that children are naturally curious. And when they see my son G, they often stare. I see your daughter eyeing his wheelchair, trying to mentally process why he’s her size but can’t walk. I see your son, confused as to why G makes funny {and sometimes scary} noises but says no actual words. Sometimes, your child asks you a question, one that I can hear and that makes you cringe . . . ” – Elizabeth

9. 26 Differences in Moms from the ’50s, ’80s, and Today

“I obsess over historical novels and films. {Just ask my husband, who has sat through many a PBS documentary with me.} Sometimes I think I was supposed to be a mom in the 1950s, frying bacon in the kitchen and hosting league socials; plus, swing dresses with cinched waistlines have always flattered me. So how do moms of the past and present really stack up? Here are a few comparisons of moms from today to moms of the 1980s and 1950s . . . ” – Marianne

8. My husband is NOT the babysitter.

Warning :: Rant ahead. I’ll try to keep it under control, but there are no promises. Let’s get something straight that has been on my mind since our twins burst onto the scene 5 years ago. My husband is NOT the babysitter. He is a PARENT. Big difference. Huge. He’s not just watching the kids; he’s interacting with them. He’s not taking care of them; he’s parenting them . . . ” – Meagan

7. 60 Family-Friendly Houston Restaurants

“Oftentimes we are stuck in a rut of going to the same places, and while routine can be comfortable, we have to remember that we are fortunate enough to live in a city with some of the country’s best restaurants.  After all, there are more than 10,000 restaurants representing more than 70 countries and regions.  Thanks to suggestions from Houston Moms Blog contributors, friends, and fellow moms, we’ve put together a helpful list of family-friendly Houston restaurants. Ready?  Here goes . . . ” – Brittney & Erica

6. 2016 Houston Pumpkin Patch Round-Up

“Fall is right around the corner with all things pumpkin … including patches! When the cooler weather hits, one of my favorite things to do each year is to visit a Houston pumpkin patch or two with the kids. From picture taking at St. Luke’s to a full day of family activities at Blessington Farms, there is no shortage of pumpkin patch fun, and today we’ve got you covered, whether you want to hit patches in your part of town or drive a bit and experience a new adventure. Be sure to check websites for details on pricing, times, and activities, and add a pumpkin patch visit to your fall calendar . . . ” – Jenn

5. Ten Commandments of Raising a Proper Southern Darlin’

“I never really realized how different it was growing up in the South until I ventured to the West Coast for college. I became close friends with people from all over the country, and it’s been interesting watching how we all raise our children so differently. To those who aren’t from the South, heed my words . . . ” – Jill

4. Houston Murals Guide – UPDATED

“Hooray! It is no longer so hot that you can fry an egg on the pavement. Hopefully, this makes exploring H-town much more appealing. While a pilgrimage to a single Houston mural at a time may not be worth the trek from the ‘burbs, it’ll be worth it to include a stop to these places if you’re headed to nearby establishments. Plus, you may have found yourself in the situation where your favorite photographer is already booked for the holiday season, but you still need a family photo for that Christmas card. Here are a few great murals around town that serve as a great backdrop. Don’t forget that tripod, selfie-stick, or friend to snap that family photo for you . . . ” – Kristine

3. I’m Scared of the Grocery Store. {A Tale of Safety}

“I am scared to go to the grocery store now. And not just because of the chaos that ensues with kids in tow and those hellacious mini carts. But actually, truly scared – for our safety. I’m not typically a fearful person, but I am shaken . . . ” – Meagan

2. Houston’s Top 10 Neighborhoods for Christmas Light Cruising

“The whole family packed in the car … everyone “ooh-ing and aah-ing” and arguing over which house had the best lights …  and then coming home and deciding next year we’ll up our game {or maybe not}…  For many of us, driving around looking at Christmas lights is a treasured pastime from our childhood, and Houston neighborhoods are lit up and ready for passing along this tradition with our own families and spreading a bit of holiday magic along the way. Whether you load up with hot chocolate and drive by, or get out and meander through scenes of a winter wonderland, you can be sure to enjoy some seasonal joy with the BEST Houston neighborhood Christmas lights . . . ” – Jenn

1. 10 Signs You Have Found the Holy Grail of Neighbors

“Over the last 10 years, my husband and I have lived in 8 different neighborhoods. Some were fancy, others modest; some were bustling, others quiet; some were friendly, others… not so much. But when the right neighborhood and, more importantly, the right neighbors came along, we stayed . . . ” – Lauren

Honorable Mentions…

The Question That Has Profoundly Changed My Mothering – Jennifer

Just the Four of Us – Mandy

I’m Not Your Best Friend. – Heather

Cheap & Free Summer Movies Around Houston! – Andrea

What to Buy at the 2016 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Chelsea

Livin’ the Minivan Dream – Sarah

Why Motherhood Can’t Be an Excuse to Suck at Friendship – Jenny

Is He Your First? – Laura

6 Apps You Can’t Live Without – Stephanie

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