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2018 is almost over, y’all! Where did the year go? Time flies when you’re having fun! And we sure have had fun with you this year. From celebrating new and expectant mamas at our annual Bloom event, a play date tour of Houston over the summer, toasting you at our 5th Birthday Bash, and seeing your kids squeal at Donuts with Santa, we’ve just had a complete blast. It is a privilege and an honor to be an integral part of the Houston parenting community…and a responsibility we don’t take for granted. 2018 also brought big changes within our leadership team as two new co-owners took over the helm of this mighty ship and we could not be more excited to ring in 2019 with you guys!

But before we do, I invite you to grab a cup of coffee {or your favorite cocktail…no judgies!} and tuck into the top 10 posts of the past year. You guys. What our writers do on a monthly basis to bring you all, our dear readers, fresh and engaging content 5-7 days a week is nothing short of incredible. From the brainstorming process on topic ideas to the research and then to the actual post creation, it is a labor of love from top to bottom. I am incredibly proud of our contributing team and I honestly pinch myself on the daily that I have the opportunity to lead this massively talented group of writers. And I’d love to hear from you! What post touched you this past year? And make sure you scroll down to see our writer’s personal faves too…

{For simplicity sake, we removed all of the guides and event posts that were HUGELY popular with you this past year. Thank you for trusting us as your “go to” for all things in and around Houston! We cannot wait to bring you even more fabulous guides in the coming year!}

Cheers to you in 2019 and I hope to see you around town! Love, Meagan

1) Why I Won’t Raise My Children in the Purity Culture that Raised Me {Elizabeth}

2) When You are Cast Off the Mom Tribe Island {Maria}

3) Dear Mother-in-Law, I Tried, but Now I’m Done {Jennifer H.}

4) Hindsight :: The Importance of Scattered Legos and Coffee Dates {Britany}

5) Never Again {The Story of Fighting for My Daughter} {Meagan}

6) My Biggest Blessings Came on the Worst Day of My Life {Meagan}

7) The Hidden Holiday Grief of Parenting a Child with Disabilities {Elizabeth}

8) Rachel Hollis and the Dangers of Curated Imperfection {Elizabeth}

9) Searching for Simplicity :: The Closet Cleanout {Jennifer U.}

10) Waiting with Baited Breath :: My 9/11 Story {Emily}

Our Writers’ Personal Faves…

Corporate America and Motherhood Today :: A Dysfunctional Melodrama in 3 Acts

“Because this was my year to really examine how motherhood and corporate America coexist. It provided me a lot of insight and ultimately showed me the exit door. Yay!” — Kim

Forty Two Days and Cupcakes :: Acceptance of Childless Summers

“I think this one is my favorite because it reminds me of my journey. Figuring out how to live w the thing that scared me most. Laughing at my myself. And finding joy in the struggle.” — Joi

When Pregnancy is Scary :: My Baby Tested Positive for Trisomy 13

“It really resonated with a small group of folks who’ve been through the same awful ordeal. And it was therapeutic to write.” — Brittney

At the Heart of It All :: Why My Family Chooses to Live in Houston’s Jewish Community

“This one meant the most to me, I think because some you fellow bloggers requested it, and later we found that several people wanted to understand more about it and therefore read it! Personally, it is a huge part of who I am and how I have chosen to perpetuate part of my identity through my children.” — Emily

Dear Third Child :: I’m Sorry in Advance

“This one was for sure my favorite. I was able to speak to very real fears and worries that I was facing during that time in my pregnancy. Additionally, I was struck by the fact that so many other readers were feeling the same way. It was cathartic to publicly share these thoughts and at the same time give a voice to concerns other Mamas of “three to be” were feeling in a humorous way. It’s something I can’t wait to share with Josie once she’s old enough to understand. {Plus the bonus name reveal, which was fun!}” — Piper

Raising Foodie Kids :: You Get What You Ask For

“Raising Foodie Kids was fun to write because I really reflected on all of the different phases they went through. I’m still amazed at what my kids will and won’t eat- they’re always surprising me, that’s for sure!” — Kathryn

I’m Sorry. My Kids Do Not Speak Spanish

“I always thought my kids would be bilingual. But my experience, growing up bilingual in Puerto Rico is so different from their upbringing here in the states. It has been more of a challenge than I anticipated to teach them my first language, but we’re doing what we can and making the best of it!” — Coppelia

Learning Self Defense Taught Me That I’m Worth It

“This one because the journey to get where I am now was so hard, in every aspect imaginable. It has made me a better person and has kept me safe from some serious situations.” — Angelica

How I Make My Kids Feel Special in Our Big Family

“This is a tradition that Martin and I started with our kids and we love that we get to have a special day to celebrate them. I think it really helped build that open line of communication for our kids because they are comfortable telling us stuff that I could never say to my parents growing up.” — Christine

Growing Up with a Gay Mom

“Mine was about growing up with a mom who was gay. I was worried about people being prejudiced in response, but all I got was love. It was a wonderful feeling.” — Lindsay

I Survived a Cancer Scare. This is What I Learned.

“My ‘fave’ was the defining event of 2018 for me that knocked me off my feet {still getting back up…}” — Nicole

The Weakening :: Parenting a Third {and Last} Child

“I had the most fun writing about how different it is raising the third… how we got “soft” with “the baby”.  What can I do? He’s the baby. The Crazy Rich Asian post was most personal and most reflective of things I wanted to express somewhere but never had a chance to, until HMB.” — Vicky

A Farewell Letter to Our Harvey Apartment

“I know most have moved on from Harvey, but this was a defining moment in our {and many other Houstonians’} lives and now, with impending life changes, I find that the lessons we learned about what matters, what’s important, resilience and change are just as relevant now as they were post-flood.” — Jennifer U.

Never Again {The Story of Fighting for My Daughter}

“This was my personal fave of the year because it did what I love MOST about writing…which is connecting to our readers. I heard from so many people who had experienced similar battles. It was affirming in a way that a mom’s instinct is NOT to be ignored.” — Meagan

When You are Cast Off the Mom Tribe Island

“It was healing in many ways. It made me relive that experience through a different lens. A more compassionate and graceful lens. It was scary to put out there but I’m so glad I did because it confirmed that this shizz is real and happens to so many women more often than not.” — Maria

Hindsight :: The Importance of Scattered Legos and Coffee Dates

“This post was the easiest/hardest thing I’ve written for you guys (easy, because the words flew out and I trusted them; hard, because there were some hard truths and lots of self-discovery in it). I think others connected with the rawness and vulnerability. The feedback I received made me feel as if I was part of something pretty amazing; definitely, made me feel less alone.” — Britany

Dear Mother-in-Law, I Tried but Now I’m Done

“So, I think you all know, but my favorite post was my MIL post because it gave me the power to take my role as a wife seriously. I’m not a second class citizen in my life. This is my life, my husband, my kids, and this woman has NO POWER over any of us.  This is my house and I am the boss here. I feel like this post gave us the power to take back our lives.” — Jennifer H.

Why I Won’t Raise My Children in the Purity Culture That Raised Me

“This one kicked off a year of examining purity culture and the ways it has been so harmful in my life- it’s been a painful and yet positive journey.” — Elizabeth
“Childbirth is rough, and the recovery is rough. There is no easy way out of it. Period. Yet both experiences gave me the very same thing – healthy, beautiful little babies. I look back now on how I thought about myself after our first was born and I get so angry. Not because of what happened, but because of how I felt. No mother should EVER feel that her birth story is not worthy.” — Ann

In a Day Full of Failures, You Gave Me the Win I Needed

“You snuggled in close to me, letting all the frustrations from the day leave your body as you melted into mine. I exhaled deeply and finally felt some peace. With tears in my eyes and despite all of my failures, I realized this was the only win I needed.”– Shannon

Sticks and Stones :: A Few Thoughts About the Power of Words

“Words are powerful things. But we get to choose how to wield that power. I hope that the words you encounter today and every day will be the words you need to lift yourself higher. When you do receive some not-so-positive words in your life, I hope you’ll have the strength and courage to see them as stairs to bring you to greater heights as you rise above them and not as a ceiling to impede your growth.” — Alissa

The Sour and Sweet Sides of a Three Year Old

“So maybe 2 is about us teaching them about the world and all the rules of it to make it a safe and special place. They are getting to know us. And 3 is more about them learning to teach us about who they are in that world and how they see, feel and experience things. We just have to listen… maybe with our hearts more than our ears.” — Ana

Dark Circles and Double Chins :: Why Moms Should be in the Picture Anyway

“Despite the anxieties, and the things I think I see in the mirror, I will cherish my annual family photo and be proud to send a little love to loved ones. Because in that perfect golden lighting, in that park by that tree, in our matching plaid… I’m with my awesome family that is growing by one, and my body is telling a little bit of that story right now. So, if you’re in the same boat as me, let’s just make a pact to smile big and bold, no matter how many chins we see.” — Christie

See you around Houston in 2019!

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