Dear Third Child :: I’m Sorry in Advance

Dear Third Child,

I’m sorry in advance.

I know this may seem a little premature to say especially since you’re busy kicking away in Mommy’s tummy {perfectly content with our tasty dinner of BBQ sandwich, avocado, and chips}, but trust me, it’s not unwarranted. Things may seem perfect right now, and it may seem like it’s just you and me, but believe me little one, events outside the tummy are far different than those inside. It may be hard for you to understand, because you know so little about this world, but Mommy will try to fill you in based on hints you’ve already experienced/heard for yourself.

That Squawking Sound and Those Insistent Arguments

Dear Third Child :: I'm Sorry in Advance | Houston Moms Blog

Those sounds, sweet girl, would be your brother and sister. We lovingly refer to brother’s noises as squawking, but I’m pretty sure on a decibel meter they’re equivalent to short sonic booms. You see, sweetie, he’s two. When you’re born he’ll be JUST shy of two and a half, but from all appearances, the terribleness of his twos don’t appear to be waning. I’m sure, in the not-so-distant future, you will find yourself peering over the edge of your carseat while brother flies into a fit of rage, and wondering, “What’s his deal?” Don’t worry sweetie, I wonder that too at times.

Oh, we cannot forget about the insistent arguments. That would be your big sister. With the shrewdness of a prosecuting attorney, she will argue, bargain, and deal with Mommy and Daddy all day long. Since turning four, she has also found that brother can be persuaded as well. Vast amounts of Mommy’s energy is taken up reasoning with our little family attorney. “No, Charlotte, you cannot leap off the stool and onto the couch.” “No, Charlotte, the cushions will not keep you safe should you roll off.” “No, Charlotte, your brother is not a landing pad.” 

I’m so sorry.

The Constant Moving

Dear Third Child :: I'm Sorry in Advance | Houston Moms Blog

I’m certain little one that you’ve realized Mommy is always on the go and moving. You may not know why, so let me explain. Besides cooking, cleaning, and keeping brother and sister alive on a daily basis, Mommy also has many other activities to shuffle between. Right now, sister goes to dance and gymnastics and brother has his own gymnastics class. We leave the house at least once a day to go to the library, park, museums, or zoo. Mommy also LOVES to run {although for the life of me, I’m not sure how running with 3 is going to work, any suggestions in the comments will be greatly appreciated}. Finally, Mommy home schools sister and will start to home school brother after he turns three.

In short, we are a busy family and are constantly in motion. Until you get your own activities, you’re going to be designated as the official mascot for brother and sister at all of their events/activities.

I’m so sorry.

Interrupted Naps

Well little one, sleeping happily 12-14 hours a day {according to my What to Expect App}, you may not realize this, but Mommy doesn’t get anywhere NEAR those hours. Sister wakes up at 5:30, and will entertain herself sufficiently. Once it’s 6:30, however, brother is UP, so Mommy, for the safety of all involved, is also up. Sister long ago gave up her nap, and brother will regrettably go down for one nap in the mid-morning. While brother’s napping, Mommy teaches sister, and by the time he wakes up, Mommy has just finishing teaching.

I have NO IDEA how this is going to work when you come along, with your needing to eat every 2-3 hours, and your nap schedule will be who knows what?! Mommy is going to be tired. I’m willing to bet there’re going to be a handful of times when you’re crying from being hungry, wet, or tired, and you’ll look into my face equally tearful from exhaustion. Those first few months are going to be rough. Full disclosure, there will probably be a good amount of Netflix action in the house. Coco, Moana, Tinker Bell, Little Baby Bum, and Trucks will be your daily visual manna until we get into the swing of things.

I’m so so sorry.

Oh, those hand-me-downs

Oh, I almost forgot, the hand-me downs. With two siblings before you, almost everything you own, besides your diapers, will be used. Your crib has teeth marks on it. Thank your sister. Your nursery door has dings in it from the rocking chair. Thank your brother. The trees in the Fisher Price jungle activity mat are completely devoid of toys. Mommy will try her best to stick something up there for you to look at/bat at. You can thank both of them for that one.

I’m so so so sorry.

But Maybe Just Maybe…

Despite the hand-me-downs, busy schedules, and no sleep, there are some positives. Your big sister has NOT stopped talking about you since we first told her you were coming. She was the first to “know” that you were going to be a “sister baby,” even before the doctor. Your brother may be a rascal, but he has THE biggest heart. When I ask him, “where is the baby?” he lifts up my shirt to see my tummy and  pinches it with his fingers. {We are working on “gently.” I promise.}

Dear Third Child :: I'm Sorry in Advance | Houston Moms Blog Dear Third Child :: I'm Sorry in Advance | Houston Moms Blog

In short, it may be loud, but you’ll never be lonely. It may be busy, but you’ll rarely be bored. We may get tired, but we’ll have hours together. You may have plenty of hand-me-downs, but that’ll make your own gifts and clothing that much more special. One thing is for certain, you’ll always be loved. In fact, you’ll be the first in our home to be loved by four other people {and our dog, Roni}.

So, Josephine Claire, although I’m sorry you’ll never have anything CLOSE to the experience and attention as an only, I must say, we can’t wait for you to join the little bit of chaos that we call family.

Love forever and always,



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