Children’s Memorial Hermann Now Makes Pediatric House Calls! {The New Service Every Family Needs}

We are thrilled to partner with, associated with Children’s Memorial Hermann, to bring you this sponsored content. As busy moms, we were so excited to learn about this new service being rolled out in Houston, so we are thankful for the opportunity to share it with you too!

It was a Saturday morning, and I had just gotten my 1 year old down for an early nap. Exhausted, I flopped myself down on the couch with a book and my breakfast, hoping to get a little break. Then my phone rang. My daughter was playing at a friend’s house, and unfortunately, the call was exactly what I feared…

“Charlotte is complaining of a headache and sore throat, and she is starting to feel warm. She probably needs to see a doctor today.” :: The Newest App Every Family Needs | Houston Moms Blog

I groaned. The last thing I wanted to do that morning was drag three kids to the urgent care center, exposing them to even more germs.

Then, I remembered an app I had recently downloaded on my phone., in association with Children’s Memorial Hermann, now makes on-demand pediatric urgent care house calls for common illnesses like flu, strep, RSV and asthma to name a few. Simply speaking, a life saver for busy moms.

I decided to give the service a try, and scheduling an appointment could not have been easier. I created an account on the app, entered our insurance and payment information, and plugged in our address. Mere minutes after putting in the appointment request, I received a call from a nurse practitioner to assess the situation {at no cost!}. I relayed Charlotte’s symptoms, and the nurse agreed that a house-call would be appropriate and confirmed my address.

Within 20 minutes, Micka, a nurse practitioner with, arrived at our door. She was warm and friendly, and I could tell Charlotte was instantly comfortable with her, even though she felt terrible. Micka gave Charlotte a teddy bear before she started her exam, which completely won her over. :: The Newest App Every Family Needs | Houston Moms Blog

Micka examined Charlotte right in our living room. Both my children were really interested in her large bag full of supplies, tests, and treatment medication. Micka checked Charlotte thoroughly: she weighed her, took her temperature and blood pressure, measured her oxygen saturation, checked her ears and throat, and listened to her heart and lungs. :: The Newest App Every Family Needs | Houston Moms Blog

Charlotte’s throat was a little red, so she did a strep test, which mercifully was negative. The entire time she explained to Charlotte exactly what she was doing and made sure she was completely comfortable. Based on Charlotte’s symptoms, Micka felt confident Charlotte had a viral bug, and prescribed lots of fluids, rest, and cuddles. She also recommended which over the counter medications I could give her to make her comfortable. :: The Newest App Every Family Needs | Houston Moms Blog

The entire visit took less than 30 minutes from start to finish, and I never had to leave my home. No germy waiting rooms, no paperwork, or no wrestling kids in and out of carseats {which in my world, is HUGE}. Micka provided me with detailed discharge information, and a few minutes after Micka left, I received an email from with a visit summary and receipt for the charge to my credit card.

Every step of the process was incredibly simple and efficient. My daughter received the same standard of excellent care as she would had I dragged her to our pediatrician or local urgent care center. I was also excited to learn that among assessing many health symptoms, providers can do flu tests, staples for minor lacerations, nebulizer breathing treatments, and treat sprains., in association with Children’s Memorial Hermann does accept most insurance plans, and the cost of the visit is an urgent care copay. :: The Newest App Every Family Needs | Houston Moms Blog

Oh, and also offers a completely free service in addition to house calls: nurse triage calls. This service is available for those who need questions answered or guidance so that they can be directed to the proper level of care. How amazing is that? For today’s busy moms, convenience without sacrificing quality is everything. From Amazon Prime to grocery delivery, moms appreciate goods and services that can be ordered up on their smart phones and delivered directly to their homes. Now, with, moms can add medical house calls to that list too!

For now, the and Children’s Memorial Hermann house call service is only available to families in The Woodlands and surrounding areas {zip codes – 77373, 77375, 77379, 77380, 77381, 77382, 77384, 77385, 77386, 77388, 77389}. Don’t see your zip on the list?  Don’t worry! Children’s Memorial Hermann has plans to expand throughout Greater Houston.

For more information about the service visit,

Hours of Operation :: 

Nurse Triage {free service!}
Monday – Friday, 6 – 10pm
Saturday & Sunday, 8am – 10pm

House Calls
Monday, 6 – 10pm
Saturday & Sunday, 8am – 10pm

No waiting rooms, evening and weekend hours, and direct access to nurse triage?  Download the free app so you can have these services at your fingertips too!


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