Five Things Your New Babysitter Wishes You’d Do

New BabysitterOn those nights when you have a new babysitter coming over and are going out for the first time, there can be some serious apprehension…and a lot going on.  Parents typically are hyper-focused on getting ready for that fun date night, spending a few extra minutes with their child, and preparing everyone for the new sitter to come into the home.

As a babysitter and nanny for over nine years and the founder of Best Buds Babysitting, I have seen so much throughout the years.  But one thing I’ve noticed is that there are a few consistent tricks that help the night go smoother for everyone…

1. Schedule your sitter early enough.

If you need to leave the house by 7pm to make a dinner reservation, schedule your sitter to come no later than 6pm. This allows you enough time to properly introduce your children to the sitter and explain your expectations for the night. Also, it allows you enough time to show the sitter around the house and all of the important and pertinent information pertaining to your child. Plus, it allows for some extra time to get ready while your child and the sitter get acquainted!

2. Charge your phone.

One of the most stressful things for a sitter is when the parents cannot be reached, even if it is for a small thing. Being able to quickly communicate with parents could be the difference between solving a minor problem and it escalating to a major issue. Also, keep your phone close to you and check it periodically to see if your sitter is trying to reach you. Many times when parents are out, they can be unaware that the phone is ringing for various reasons. I know it can be difficult depending on where you are going, but please try to answer if your sitter is calling or texting.

3. Give your sitter a full and clear rundown of your child’s routine.

Most children have an evening and bedtime routine as well as a slew of props and materials to go with it. Schedules and routines are something that sitters rely on, especially if it is their first time with the child. If a child is having a bit of separation anxiety from you, sticking to their normal schedule could help soothe them and give them a feeling of normalcy. In addition, every child’s bedtime routine is different, so even if your child has fallen into some not-so-great bedtime habits that you’re trying to break, be sure to let us know. And since we all know it can get a little bit crazy remembering what all to get out and what all you need to do, here is a quick printable checklist for you to make a few copies of and keep on hand.

New Babysitter Checklist>>> Click here for PDF download. <<<

4. Give exact and clear expectations.

Let the sitter know what expectations you have for the house, what you would like your child to eat or drink, behavior management preferences, and how you expect the house to look when you return. Communicate everything about your child that would enhance the childcare experience. Also, please share additional information, such as sleep habits, tantrums, separation anxiety, allergies, dinner, special nighttime toys or blankets, etc. Give a rundown of the house, no matter how mundane it seem. And let the sitter know where all first aid kits and medicines are in case of emergency too.

5. Don’t Hover.

Sitters know it is hard for you to leave your child, but don’t hover around, especially if your child normally has tantrums when you leave. Most children actually stop crying right after the door closes. Tell your child you are going out, but will be back and that they will be staying with the sitter to have some awesome fun. Give your child a big hug, kiss, and an “I Love You” — then head out the door! The longer you stay trying to soothe your child, the more they will cry because they still know you are leaving.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will make for a fun and positive babysitting experience for your child and sitter…and more nights out for mom and dad!  And just in case finding the sitter is the hardest part for you, I’d be honored if you would check out Best Buds Babysitting.  We are created by experienced nannies and strive to provide fast and reliable childcare at affordable rates.  We’ve made it easy to schedule your next sitter online or by phone, and you can rest assured knowing that you are getting a trained professional who is background checked and CPR/First Aid certified.  I’d love for you to connect with us below…

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Headshot_BrooklynJohnsonAbout Brooklyn J.

Brooklyn Johnson is a 22 year-old college student studying psychology. She has been a babysitter/nanny for over 9 years. Brooklyn is currently a full-time nanny between two families, with the children’s ages ranging from 8 months to 4 years old. Brooklyn has a passion for working with children and has acquired many families over the years that love to use her for a night out. She saw the need for fast and reliable childcare and moved forward with launching Best Buds Babysitting. With Best Buds she aims to offer babysitting at a fast pace and affordable rate. Brooklyn is also passionate about getting out into the nanny world. She feels there are not enough younger nannies with a big voice and hopes to inspire others to be more active in the nanny community. Brooklyn and one of her partners blog as much as they can about their nanny life and fun things they do. It is a great resource for parents and nannies. You can check it out at here.

Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, we are so honored to have Brooklyn guest blog for us and share her insight and expertise with the moms of Houston through our platform!


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