Friday Favorites:: Edition 21

Houston Moms "Friday Favorites:: A Weekly Glance at Our Favorite Things" #houstonmoms #houstonmomsblog #momsaroundhoustonWe’re three months in, and 2021 already feels like she is trying to one up 2020. As we approach one year of living through a global pandemic, many Houstonians are still reeling from the catastrophic winter storm that wreaked havoc on the entire state of Texas last month. These Friday favorites are all about the things bringing me joy and laughter lately, in hopes they might offer a little bit of that to you too.

Show :: Ted Lasso

Let’s face it, this past year has involved a lot of quality time in front of the TV. My husband and I like to have a series to enjoy together after the kids go to bed. After binging {and loving} Schitt’s Creek, we needed our next “feel good” show to binge. After failing to convince him to join me in watching Bridgerton, we settled on activating the free trial for Apple TV. Ted Lasso did not disappoint. Jason Sudeikis plays an eternally optimistic, and delightfully clueless, US football coach hired to coach an underdog English soccer team. Ted Lasso’s optimism is contagious and you can’t help but root for him. The series is based off of this 2013 NBC Sports Premier League commercial which serves a great preview for anybody trying to decide whether or not to pull the trigger on the $4.99 Apple TV subscription.

Self-love :: Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

I long for the day I will feel safe and comfortable returning to The Trellis to splurge on a day of pampering and an actual massage, but in the meantime I am enjoying this gem from Amazon. For under $50 I’m able to feel some of the stress and tension I carry around in my shoulders and neck melt away from the comfort and safety of my own couch. If I close my eyes I can {almost} ignore the piles of laundry stacked up around me and the sibling wrestling match that sounds like it’s happening upstairs.

Just for fun :: Scooter

One of the promises I made to myself for 2021 was that I would have more fun. One of my favorite encouragers of mothers, Ashlee Gadd of Coffee + Crumbs, recently shared stories of her mom scooter escapades. I told my kids I’d love a scooter of my own to cruise around on with them and to my delight they surprised me with one for my birthday. It’s been so fun to giggle and glide down the little hills in our neighborhood chasing after my kids on my very own scooter. It is as fun as it sounds!

Food :: Girl Scout CookiesGirl Scout Cookie season runs through March 21 and now you can find your local troop and cookie booths online! My sweet tooth is super grateful to all of the cookie parents out there who have converted their dining rooms and kitchens into temporary cookie distribution centers. My favorite cookies are the Caramel deLites, the Peanut Butter Patties and the Thin Mints. Pro tip :: store your Thin Mints in the freezer and eat them cold- you won’t be sorry. Added bonus, kids and partners are less likely to find them hidden in the freezer so more chocolatey, minty goodness for you!

Shower saver :: Clorox Tilex Mold & Mildew

I’m not a person who finds a ton of joy in cleaning, but I do enjoy a clean shower. We’ve learned the hard way that white tile and grout do not work well with Houston’s hard water and high iron levels. I’m embarrassed to admit how yellow and moldy our white shower grout and caulk turned after less than 2 years of living in our home. I have tried multiple solutions to restore it to its pristine white condition. I’ve applied color corrector to the grout by hand. I’ve hired a professional cleaner and grout restoration company. And I’ve tried to scrub away the grime using all the elbow grease I can muster. None of that has worked as well as my latest $4.00 find :: Clorox Tilex Mold & Mildew cleaner. I sprayed it all over the walls and floor of the shower and directly onto the moldy grout and left it alone for 15 minutes. I came back and it seriously looked almost brand new. If you’re struggling with yellowed grout or moldy caulk, this cleaner is totally worth a try.

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