Friday Favorites: Halloween Edition

Boo, ya’ll. 

It’s your favorite creepy mom human. The one that often tries to turn all her posts into advertisements for her latest spooky obsession. Or a plea for a hand to hold through a haunted house. 

This time, I get to do it with permission and without too much side-eye.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite Halloween treats.

Halloween Tradition: Spooky Breakfast

Super easy, super cheap, and guaranteed to bring smiles. 

Everything can be bought at Walmart or Target. 

My suggestions:

  • White donut holes with plastic spiders {Spider Eggs}. 
  • Cinnamon rolls with edible eyes, throw some spiders or sticky eye-balls around for fun.
  • Crescent rolls and sausage or weiners {mummies, the perfect twist on Pigs in a Blanket}.
  • Two squirts of orange food coloring into milk {or any fun color, really}. 

I normally reserve it for Halloween morning, but you can do it any time {or as many times with variations} throughout October. Always a hit with the kids. 

Halloween Attire: Etsy & Future Monsters

My favorite places to shop for Halloween shirts and fun accessories for the season are Etsy and Future Monsters. 

The above picture shows two of my latest tees from EBASKEN, an art teacher from San Antonio. The shipping was quick and the shirts are super comfy. Check out her shop here

My other favorite shop is called Future Monsters. Super fun, Halloween chic. Check them out for unique, quality apparel. 

Halloween Visual: Instagram

For those who need an extra dose of Halloween prettiness or you just need a little inspiration. These are my favorite accounts to follow. 

Local Halloween Favorite: @spookylittleHalloween

Salem Star: @halloweenhappy

For Scary Book Recs: @spooky.octopus.reads

For All Things Autumn: @littlegirlinhogwarts

For Halloween Aesthetic: @halloweencountdown

Halloween Decor: Old Books & Dollar Tree Crafts 

I keep it simple. I collect new “spooky” books all year. And for the entire month of October, I spread them around the house, for an easy way to change up the usual decor. 

I also go to The Dollar Tree and buy every single wooden decoration they have. Then I give them to my kids, throw washable paint in the air, and tell them to go crazy. Kid crafts pair so well with books. Not to mention, it might actually draw their attention away from Minecraft and into one of those glorious books {I know it’s a long shot, but I have stubborn faith}. 

Halloween Experience: Virtual Tour of a Haunted House

What a brilliant way to get your spooks in during a pandemic, right? There are so many famous haunted houses and buildings that offer virtual tours {and lots of fun background information}. 

If I had to say my favorite, I would recommend touring The Winchester Mystery House. The online tour can be found here. My goosebumps have goosebumps, just thinking about it… 


Halloween Tip: Best Way to Save on Halloween Outdoor Decor

I’m sorry if you find this obvious and have been doing it for years, but I’m still reveling in the discovery. All that beautiful, too expensive for what is it, Halloween decor you want to blow up and show off in front of the house? It’s all going to be discounted {sometimes by half or more{ the day after Halloween. But the trick is, you have to go into the store to find the majority of it. Most won’t be available online. 

Day after Halloween, I’ll pay Target, Walmart, and Lowe’s a visit. And see what treasures they have left me. 

Not to mention, alllll the costumes. 

I hope some of my Halloween favorites gave you a new idea or excitement for the holiday.

And remember, The Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack is appropriate, year round. And Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, and The Haunted Mansion pair nicely with kettle popcorn and nerd ropes, even in May.

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