How To Save The World {In 15 Minutes or Less Per Week}

Kids are back in school! Hallelujah! 

My youngest is in two day a week preschool this year. And a few people in my orbit have been wondering what I might be planning on doing with my newly found “free time” during the hours both of my children are in school.

Free time. Hmm. Sounds luxurious, right?

Let’s consider this for a moment. This midday freedom is looking pretty fab!

I’m a “Stay At Home Mom” {or SAHM if you will}. Since having my eldest child, I haven’t worked full time, outside of the home in a traditional sense. But even prior to having him, I worked in a less-than-traditional job {in the service industry}. My hours were part time and flexible and the vast majority of my time was spent “momming” even then, as it is now. Best. Job. Ever.

So what, then, could I possibly have in mind for those ten–yes, TEN– glorious hours a week when both of my children are now in school? I’m so glad you asked.

I’ve got plans.

Big ones.

Lots of em.

I’ve always had my eye on making a mark in the world. In a quest to figure out how to spend those ten hours making the world a better and more beautiful place, I’m torn; should I start working toward a very noble goal that would improve life world-wide, like curing cancer? 

I wonder how many hours a week it takes to start a pre-med program…or at least the pre-requisites for a pre-med program. More than ten? Ok, that’s pretty much out.

Actually, if you factor in car-pick-up lines and pickups, and the time it will take me to drive back home after morning drop offs, I probably have closer to 8 and a half hours a week.

That’s eight and a half hours of nothing but sweet freedom and bettering the planet!

I’ve always wanted to start my novel. Art is SO important, y’all! And it can have a profound impact…the kind of impact I’ve always envisioned making.

And while I may not accomplish it as quickly as I might with say, 16 hrs of time to dedicate to this endeavor each week, I can definitely make the most of those 8 and a half! Yet I can’t help but worry…is this too personal of a goal on my mission to use this time to better the world? Maybe I should shift my focus to world peace or something…

But wait a second you guys…I’ve also been looking forward to being able to focus a little on myself during my kids’ school hours. Take time for “self-care”, or fitness– maybe a YOGA class! Seriously, it’s been years since I’ve regularly gone to yoga classes and this could be a game changer for my mind, body and soul! 

Me, after only a few hour long classes, right?

Ok, sweet. So let’s say twenty minutes to the yoga studio, a 50 minute class, inevitably around ten minutes of chit chat, then twenty more home.

Not a problem, it’s just now instead of 8 and a half hours of child-free time per week, I’m down to…6?

Ok, six is still workable.

Alright, but what about showers? That’s like at least 10 more minutes each day. And I should give 15-25 minutes of “get ready” time {Who am I kidding, I need more like 30 these days–I’m much slower since the pandemic, y’all}. 

Five hours. And twenty minutes. This is still a bountiful amount of time, everyone!

Do not panic.

I could potentially binge watch approximately six episodes of Real Housewives of anywhere in that time if I did nothing but watch…

OH. Yes. Catching up on my shows. This was something I was looking forward to doing when both kids are in school. And reorganizing our pantry! And our storage closets.

And getting my haircut without arranging childcare. And going to the dentist or doctor without an audience. Grocery shopping without an audience.

Using the toilet without an audience! {Pretty much anything without an audience. Simply put.}

Not to mention sometimes meeting a friend for coffee or lunch, taking in a museum or simply just browsing HomeGoods for the heck of it. 

HomeGoods doesn’t know what’s coming for it

So factor in all of these things and let’s face it:

I look forward to having roughly fifteen uninterrupted minutes a week to dedicate to procuring world peace, curing cancer, or writing the next great American novel. 

Fifteen minutes. Wow.

But y’all? If anyone can do all that in just fifteen minutes a week…it’s moms. 

Maybe not this mom though. This mom has some Real Housewives to catch up on.

{Side note: I am in awe of the busy full-time working mommas who cram in all they need to in even less time per week– hats off! Every parent struggles with how to spend the precious alone time we so rarely get. And we shouldn’t feel a need to save the world with it, either- sit down and just sit sometimes.}


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Mary B. is a lifelong creative, dreamer, and joy seeker. Born and raised in northern Illinois, Mary attended the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University, receiving her B.F.A. in acting, then worked as a sometimes actress/model, sometimes waitress. Mary and her husband got married in Sept 2012, welcomed a son in 2014, moved to Texas from Chicago in 2016, and welcomed a daughter in 2017, completing their family. She self-publishes her musings on marriage, motherhood, and life on her blog, Accidentally Texan,. In her free time {free time--ha!} Mary loves to read, cook {and eat ;)}, work out, swim, travel, and spend time with her family. Mary believes emotional connection is the root of humanity and our collective purpose in life.


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