Low Stress Travel With An Infant 

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant, we were relieved to be making less trips to New Orleans, our hometown. We were excited that family and friends would be coming to visit us, er… our little one, versus us going to them. {Sorry, Mom. But we like when you visit here too!} Well, that dream didn’t last long, and I’m here to say that since our daughter’s birth five months ago, we’ve made multiple trips home as well as to other destinations, mostly by car – but by plane a bit also. Oh, and did I mention we have two dogs that also travel with us? I’m laughing at me too…

Traveling with an infant, let alone an infant and two dogs, can be stressful. Baby items are large, and they take up a ton of space, which if you’re like us, you already don’t have. So here’s my tips and tricks for stress-free less stressful travel with an infant.

Low Stress Travel With An Infant | Houston Moms Blog

Plan Ahead

Benjamin Franklin said it best – “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” The first time we left Houston for a trip, it was raining. My husband was at work, and I still needed to pack the remaining bags in the car before getting the pets and baby in. We will never make this mistake again! Starting your road trip with a soaked Mommy, pets that smell, and a damp car seat is just asking for a miserable ride. Now, we pack everything the night before regardless of the time we are leaving and/or the planned weather conditions.

If you are flying, research the airline and TSA’s policies for breastmilk and gate-checked items beforehand. For instance… Car seats, bases, strollers, breast pump, breastmilk — what qualifies as “medical” and gets a free pass? What counts as one of your two carry-on items? Also, you can now find Mothers Rooms in select U.S. airports. #MOMMYWIN!

Low Stress Travel With An Infant | Houston Moms Blog

Travel Light{ish}

If you are visiting family and friends, take advantage of their baby items. My mother bought her own pack-n-play, and my mother-in-law has her own bottle warmer that we use when we visit. We’ve also learned to leave the travel stroller and Mamaroo behind. Keep the play mat at home, and opt for a blanket and small toys that also attach to the top of the car seat. Double the fun! Six weeks after bringing our daughter home, my husband and I purchased a new Tahoe because we needed more space. Joke’s on us — we filled it up on the first trip home. Suburban anyone?

Milk Stork

In addition to the trips my family has made together, I’ve also traveled without my little one. One month back from my maternity leave while I was still breastfeeding, I needed to attend a national training in Dallas for four nights. That’s when my lactation consultant recommended Milk Stork. Milk Stork is a web-based company that will help you pack and ship {or tote} your breastmilk home. The kit ships directly to your hotel and comes with a refrigerated cooling pack which keeps your milk cold for at least 72 hours. The company eliminates pumping and dumping, as well as the process of finding an appropriate cooler and ice while out of town. The kit is pre-labeled with a FedEx priority overnight shipping sticker, so your box arrives by 10:30 am the following day. Although you are responsible for coordinating the pick-up time and location with FedEx, the overall process is very simple.

Low Stress Travel With An Infant | Houston Moms Blog

Just Do It

This fall we are planning an extended weekend trip to Washington, D.C. I know my daughter, who will be eight months old when we go, will not remember the trip. However, the memories it will provide my husband and I are priceless. Don’t let your infant restrict you! We are looking forward to sharing those moments together as a family and with our very close friends.

It’s not easy traveling with a little one, but it’s well worth being able to share those precious moments together. We know you’ve got some tried and true tips that you can share — sound off in the comments below! 

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About Julie B.

Julie is native of New Orleans who moved to Houston with her Crossfit-loving husband David and their two pups {Bella and Jax} in 2014. When she became pregnant, Julie’s existing hypertension became a potential concern. However, she breezed through her pregnancy, and the couple welcomed daughter Genevieve in March 2016. Although she doesn’t consider herself to be a “granola mom,” Julie enjoyed having a natural delivery. Currently, Julie is learning to balance her new Mommy status with work. She hopes to one day develop her own blog to help others birth without fear and promote the empowerment of working mothers.


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