Manifesting Like A Mother

Most of us wish we could snap our fingers and make anything we desire happen in an instant. It’s a nice fantasy, but as logical adults we know real life doesn’t exactly work like that. Modern life is complex. While navigating our ever-changing world and bearing the weight of more and more stress, the simplest of tasks from dropping the kids at school to deciding what to cook for dinner {everyone’s dreaded daily decision}, has made life feel like a struggle.

What if there was a way to make life easier? You hear people talking about manifesting their best life but what does that even mean? If you aren’t sure what manifestation is or how you would even use it to make your life easier, you’re not alone. 

What is manifestation?

woman with flowers in hair lies on grass with eyes closed, manifesting her desiresAs a self-proclaimed personal development junkie, I have always geeked out on the power of positivity.  Years ago my first encounter with manifestation was reading the book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. My mind was blown. The book is filled with teachings and stories of people manifesting life partners, new jobs/promotions, large sums of money, and even healing themselves of anxiety, depression, chronic pain and other medical miracles. Now if that isn’t amazing enough, after doing some research, I can tell you manifestation has a lot more to it.

When I reference “manifestation”, I am talking about manifestation as personal development strategies used to accomplish something or make a goal happen.  Manifestation is a principle that is based on the Law of Attraction and originates from the New Thought Spirituality Movement. Ironically, the teachings of the New Thought movement {including manifestation} are not new. New Thought is not a religion, but rather a spiritual and philosophical movement that combines personal development, transformation psychology, and a combination of ancient wisdom cultivated from all over the world. One of the core beliefs is that our mindset is what primarily determines our experienced day-to-day reality {aka manifestation}.

Manifesting Like a Mother

flower pen and steaming cup of tea lie on open journal So how do you use manifestation in your daily life to bring about positive change?  I’ve knowingly and unknowingly played with the Law of Attraction and manifestation for years. I have manifested parking spots, jobs, partners, money and more. In 2021, I took my curiosity even deeper and worked with a coach that among other things specializes in manifestation.


In order to manifest anything you have to know what you want and WHY you want it.  Clarity seems straightforward, but many people deny what they truly want due to false guilt perpetuated by societal conditioning. Our modern society has a very narrow, perfectionist, shame inducing perspective on what is acceptable and what is not. At times I have felt like I couldn’t admit what I really wanted, because it required me to go against some imaginary boundary that I had long held in my mind as the ultimate truth. Finding clarity requires us to have the courage to ask ourselves the most important questions, and really hear, listen, and comprehend the answers. Ask yourself, if nothing was bad or wrong, no one would be mad at me, and nothing bad would happen, what would I want?

When it comes to clarity, knowing why you want something is just as important to know. How will your life be better or different once you have achieved this desire?  How does this desire support you, AND the people and world around you? When pursuing a goal, you often hear people talk about knowing your “why”. Your why isn’t just about you. Of course, your transformation has the power to create lasting positive change in your life, and it also positively impacts others. Knowing how your desires support and shape the world gives them a bigger purpose, and can help you let go of the narrative that wanting more for yourself is selfish. This allows you to form a stronger mental and emotional connection with what you want for yourself and stay motivated on the path to achieving it.


Manifestation requires us to shift our perspective about what is possible.  Easier said than done, right?  Most of our core beliefs have been ingrained in us since childhood. Start by becoming the gentle observer of your thoughts so you can identify what limiting beliefs or mental blocks are preventing you from moving forward. Once you know what beliefs are dragging you down, you have to change your mind and reframe what is possible. Reframing has been deemed one of therapy’s most powerful tools, and the APA Dictionary of Psychology defines it as, “a process of reconceptualizing a problem by seeing it from a different perspective. Altering the conceptual or emotional context of a problem often serves to alter perceptions of the problem’s difficulty and to open up possibilities for solving it.” Reframing is not a denial that challenges exist, but rather a tool to work around them.


The process of changing our mind doesn’t just happen once on the path to manifestation.  Those false beliefs are stubborn.  They will crop up again and again, and when they do it’s up to you to reframe them.  Replace those negative beliefs with a better perspective.  Think that new thought, believe it, and own it.  Our brains are neuroplastic, which essentially means they physically change shape based on the thoughts that we think and the experiences we have. When you replace a old belief with a new one, you are literally rewiring your brain.


Start trusting the signs you see and the impulses you have to do things differently.  Allow yourself to be led. Let yourself be inspired to try new things to get where you want to go.  There are no rules. You can’t mess it up! Life is an experiment and with each new step you will learn something that gives you more information. Be inspired, trust your intuition and take action.  


Let go of HOW your desire is coming to you. We get so attached to how something is going to happen and the truth is that oftentimes things work out in ways we never imagined. Focus on the feeling of having already received what you want.  How would it feel if it was already yours? Are there any funky beliefs that arise when you imagine receiving it?  If so, change your mind again.

Manifestation is a repeatable process that takes practice.  It isn’t about instant gratification, it’s about personal growth.  It’s about staying committed to ourselves, opening our minds {and hearts} to new possibilities and taking inspired action so we feel worthy enough to receive what we desire most. 


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Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith is a Mindset & Resilience Coach and the founder of Encompass Life Coaching. She is a native New Yorker, proud Houstonian, truth seeker, mental health and DEIJ advocate, mother, yogi, and dachshund lover. Kimberly was born in Phoenix, Arizona, raised in upstate New York, lived in Florida where her daughter Amelia {June 2014} was born, and now proudly calls Houston her home. She is degreed in Sociology and Psychology, is an internationally certified life and career coach, and previously spent over a decade in corporate talent acquisition and staffing helping professionals level up and pivot their careers. Now as an entrepreneur, through coaching services, speaking, and writing, Kimberly helps ambitious women, mothers, and entrepreneurs stop stressing and focus, so they can flourish within their careers, families, businesses, and relationships. Kimberly’s clients move through self-doubt, build a positive and resilient mindset while increasing energy and confidence, and crushing their personal and professional goals. Kimberly is a servant leader passionate about dissolving the stigma around mental health, advocating for diversity, equity, inclusion and justice, and is dedicated to empowering others to live more authentic lives full of passion, purpose, courage, freedom and adventure. In her free time, Kimberly can be found sweating it out in a hot yoga class, running the White Oak Bayou trail, enjoying live music, exploring Houston markets, museums, and restaurants, or snuggling up on the couch to watch documentaries with her two dachshunds Winnie & Doyal. You can connect with Kimberly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or grab Kimberly’s free Mindset & Affirmations bundle at


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