The Most Helpful Apps for Moms

Sad as it may be, moms these days {myself included} aren’t far from their smart phones at any given time of the day.  I usually have mine tucked away in my back pocket ready at a moments notice to whip out and snap a picture of Jack doing something cute or to check my email if I have a spare moment.  I wanted to share some of my favorite apps that help make my life a little easier.  Could I live without these?  Sure, but why not make your life easier {or more fun} if you can!

I excluded the obvious social media apps that we all truly {and sadly} can’t live without – Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, oh my!  {BTW – Do you follow us on all of those outlets?  You should…we are always posting all kinds of good stuff!}  And of course, those must have apps for kids that are a TOTAL lifesaver too!

The Most Helpful Apps for Moms

Mobile Banking Apps :: Most banks these days have an app that you can use to check balances, transfer funds, and even make deposits.  If you aren’t already using one, be sure and check to see if your bank has one. Mine gets used at least once a day and is a huge time saver.  I’m familiar with Chase and Wells Fargo, but I’m sure most of big banks have great apps too.  PayPal is another helpful app to get on your phone. {Free}

Cartwheel by Target :: What mom doesn’t love Target?  I haven’t met one yet.  The Cartwheel app gives you coupons and discounts right on your phone for the things you are already shopping for. {Free}

Slice :: For all of you shopaholics out there, this app organizes and tracks all of your online orders.  It will even send you notifications of price drops on items you have your eye on.  This is my new favorite app right now.  Just imagine how helpful it will be at Christmas time! {Free}

Groovebook :: Who can relate to this one – a phone almost maxed out on storage because of all the photos you have taken, but have yet to print?  Groovebook is a wonderful app that will print 100+ of your photos on your phone or social media sites for just $2.99/month which includes shipping.  You receive a cute little book of your pictures and can check that task off your to-do list!  {The app is free to download, but the cost of the service is $2.99/month for printing, processing, and shipping.}

Amazon :: This one doesn’t need much explanation.  It’s all of the amazing benefits of Amazon from the palm of your hand.  I love that with just a few clicks you can order gifts, beauty products, diapers, books…anything…and get it in 2 days with Amazon Prime! {Free}

Starbucks :: Okay, maybe this isn’t the most helpful app in the world, but I love that you can load your gift cards on the app and pay with your phone!  True story – I have forgotten my wallet before and was in desperate need of something to eat.  No need to worry, I had my iPhone on me so I could pay for food and drinks! {Free}

Uverse :: This app is only applicable if you have AT&T Uverse at home as your cable provider, but let me tell you how cool it is!  From your phone you can record your favorite shows, watch them, and even control your television using your phone as if it were your remote.  {Free}

Nike Training Club :: There are tons of helpful fitness apps out there.  I love this one because it gives you specific workouts to try.  The workouts are explained to you over your own music or specific playlist, and it counts down for you!  No more going to the gym and not knowing what to do.  I have also used the Couch-2-5k app before and can highly recommend.  It talks to you over your favorite workout playlist and tells you when to run or walk!  {Both Free}

My Mini Wallet :: This app allows you to store giftcards, receipts, coupons, and membership cards all in one PIN-protected app.  No more digging through your purse or having a million things on your key ring! {$0.99}

Grocery IQ :: I always have a list of items that I need to buy at the next trip to the grocery store.  This app will organize that for you so you never forget what you need again! {Free}

Pandora Radio :: For those long car rides or time stuck in Houston traffic, Pandora Radio will create the perfect station for anyone in your family.  We have been loving the Baby Einstein station during the unavoidable car ride meltdowns. {Free}

Local News Station :: Get up to the minute news stories directly on your phone.  I love using this for severe weather alerts or traffic accidents if I’m stuck in traffic.  Suggestions – KTRK, KPRC, KHOU.  {All free}

Did I miss one?  Leave a comment below and share the apps that you can’t live without!


  1. My husband and I use Wunderlist to keep up with items that need to be done around the house. Think of it as a honey do list; items can be assigned to different members then checked off when complete.

  2. I feel like you just looked at my iPhone! Love Slice. I also keep retail me app because it will alert my when sales are in store based on GPS. Love that and the Amazon Price Checker.

    • Thanks for the other recommendations! Am going to check these out now…as if I needed anything else to encourage my online shopping habit. Ha!

  3. My newest favorite app is Retail-Me-Not. I check it for coupons every time I’m going into a store, whether it be Ulta, Macy’s, Kohl’s, etc, and even before I shop online (birchbox, shutterfly, etc). More often than not I’m able to find discounts for things I was planning to buy anyway. 🙂

    • That one sounds awesome and right up my alley! I think I will have to go and download that right now. I’ve heard of it, but am happy to hear from someone that it’s a good one. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  4. Surprised this didn’t make the list as it would be very helpful if you lost your child or if your child is kidnapped. It is called FBI Child ID. I found about it from local law enforcement. You can create an information sheet with height, weight, distinguishing features, and a picture. If your child is lost you can use the app to contact local law inforcement and they can know what child to look for instantly. Pretty helpful and I thought I would share.

  5. Thanks for mentioning Slice in your round-up! We love your blog and are big fans! One thing new moms in particular love about our app is that we also notify you about recalls about the exact items you bought–no research required. We also automatically inform you of price drops, so if something you bought is now available at a lower price and subject to a low price guarantee, we’ll hook you up with a lot of savings, with minimal effort.

  6. One app I can’t live without is shutterfly! I use up so much memory storing all my photos on my I-cloud. So I loaded the app and now all my photos get uploaded with just a few clicks and clear up all photo memory from my phone and iCloud. I have access to all my photos via the app and can print/edit and create all in just a few moments via the app.


    • Norma – thank you so much for sharing! I actually have that app too, but don’t utilize it like I should as you brilliantly do. I’m sure all of us moms can relate to our phone’s storage being eaten up by all of the photos. Thanks again!

  7. Thanks for this great list! I’m always looking for ways to make life as a working mom easier. I recently found the DinnerDork app and it’s been a lifesaver for me – gives me menus, recipes, meal plans and shopping lists each week. I literally just pull it up on ny phone then shop and cook. It feels like cheating. I’m using it try to lose those holiday (and more) pounds. You should check it out.

    • Yay! Thanks for reading Darby! So happy you found some good apps. There are so many out there these days its hard to find the good ones sometimes.


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