Top 10 Reasons Why Houston Is Better Than Dallas

Let’s state the obvious – Houston IS better than Dallas. And what better time to regroup and share a top 10 list of why our great city outshines that city about four hours north?

I’ve been in Houston since the age of four and only left to attend college a mere 90 minutes away. We have so much to offer this great state of Texas – and no, I don’t JUST mean those World Series Champions. We have the good eats, the spirit, and the arts to make H-Town THE town over any other major city. But, let’s just focus on Dallas and get to those top 10 reasons why Houston is just that much better, ESPECIALLY if you have kids.

The Food

As seen on our blog here, food is always a hot topic. You can find anything in our great city from barbecue and burgers to pho and pizza. And don’t forget all the tacos. We are so close to the coast as well so seafood is a popular choice in our area. I know Dallas has yummy eats as well, but you can’t beat hot spots like Irma’s, Eli Tiempo, and anything Goode Company.

The Spirit

During one of our hardest seasons in 2017, this town banded together to help our own. We asked for help across the world (and let’s not forget who said no – ahem, Dallas). The devastation was heart-breaking, but these hard seasons are often what we do best. Despite the differences, we thrive together as one. Our local heroes stepped in and set the examples then allowed Houstonians to continue to help because the spirit of our city is powerful.

The Melting Pot

We have plenty of backgrounds here in Houston. A Houstonian shared about an Anthony Bourdain episode that encompasses what makes our city unique. In the episode of his “Part Unknown,” he stated that he liked the diversity of Houston, and throughout his time here, he repeated often how Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the United States. One can spend days driving around our city and see how this melting pot showcases all the cultures that make Houston so beautiful.

The Scenes

We are a city of color. We have murals to photograph, a museum district and art scene that are vast and beautiful. We have NASA where new triumphs and discoveries are made every single day. We have the world’s largest rodeo that easily trumps that state fair thing up north. Where else can you get all the fried goodness and support scholarships for bright Houston youth? We are unique, and the sights and sounds around us contribute to our richness.

The Celebrities

Oh yes. We are going to claim them all for the love they show our city. We have our beloved JJ Watt who came home after his retirement. We have Mattress Mac who will fight for the city he loves. Don’t forget that the Queen B, Beyonce, hails from Houston. Even Drake has now decided to call Houston home. I guarantee this fantastic bunch of H-town celebs can take down anyone who claims Dallas is the place to be.

The Hospitality

You’d never know that Houston is the fourth largest city in the country because of our genuine southern hospitality.  That’s why we are continually picked as the host city for some of the biggest events every year, including the 2024 College Football National Championship! When anyone needs us, we are there.  Heck – we are even mentioned in one of the most famous lines in history :: “Houston, we have a problem.”

The Medical Care

Houston’s very own Texas Medical Center is the largest medical complex in the world with 21 hospitals including the number 1 cancer hospital in the country, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.  And as a mom, it is so comforting knowing we have some of the best medical care right in the heart of where we live.

The Soccer

Both Houston and Dallas are scoring big in the sports department.  For our Houston Astros, they have the Texas Rangers.  We’ve got our Rockets, and they’ve got the Mavericks.  Houston Dynamo and FC Dallas.  And of course, you can’t forget about the Texan/Cowboy rivalry.  But the one sport where Dallas falls short is major league women’s soccer.  Not only do we have the Houston Dash women’s team to cheer on alongside our Dynamo, but with that brings our wonderful BBVA Compass Stadium to not only support these teams, but to also host shows and festivals!

The Beach

Whether you want to get out of the city for a family vacation or a quick day-trip, it is absolutely amazing that Galveston Beach is so close you can have your toes in the sand in around an hour.  Not only do we have quick access to the beach, but Houstonians have the advantage of saving on airfare and travel time when taking a cruise right out of our own backyard! That kind of access isn’t going to be found up 45 North.

The Baseball

Saved the best for last. In a roller-coaster ride of a season, we find our beloved Astros in their seventh consecutive post season run. Care to count how many seasons it’s been for that “Dallas” team? Don’t worry – it won’t take you long. We are fired up, as we get to be in all the Octobers, for our boys to continue the fight for another pennant. Houstonians will agree that THIS team has the grit, and there is no other fanbase more committed that our Astros-faithful. Through thick and thin, we are fueled by the “love” other teams have for us. But, currently, we are focusing on one thing – reigning once again. In a season of injuries and heartbreak, the Astros persevered and made it. Nothing can take away that pride – not even some team from Arlington.

Kim wearing an Astros tshirt with y'all still mad on it

Let’s celebrate big, y’all. Our city, our food, our hospitality, and THE TEAM that makes us better.

Houston, we love you.


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Kim Reed
Kim R. was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana but is a Texan now! She graduated from Texas A&M University {Whoop!} in 1999 and moved back to Houston to start her high school teaching/school counseling career. That Houston move resulted in meeting a cute next door neighbor at her apartment complex who later became her husband. Kim and that cute neighbor moved to the Cypress in 2005 where they now raise Griffin {October 2008} and Emmy {August 2013}. Life has had some hardships, and Kim is open to sharing her story of enduring grief and encouraging moms to take care of their mental health. Her other passions include reading all the books, watching reruns of Friends, sweating it out at Orangetheory Fitness, and a good margarita. Kim also believes in working hard to make each day better than the one before. Read more on her blog –


  1. Ok, why did this post almost make me CRY?! I love Houston so much! We lived here from 2011 thru 2019, spent the last 4 years in Orlando, FL and just moved back in August. I am SO HAPPY TO BE BACK HOME! <3 <3 <3 All of the reasons in the post & more are so true — I guess we can say Houston is better than Dallas AND Orlando! 😉


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