Top Tips for Throwing a Halloween Party at the Last Minute

This last week, my 4 year old was invited to a pumpkin painting party with some of her friends and it was the absolute cutest thing ever. It gave me some serious ideas about putting together a fun Halloween party, complete with links and tips! 

I have never considered myself “extra”, but I do love a good theme party. I’m mainly not “extra” due to time constraints and budget restraints. It’s definitely possible to throw a great Halloween party without going to a store or blowing your party budget. 


Stores like the Dollar Tree and Walmart definitely make it easy for us to throw parties on a budget. Whether you need tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups, etc, there’s no place that does it better. Their Halloween sections are stocked {yes, even now} with different themed sets. 

Also, don’t under estimate the power of pumpkins in your decoration. Here you see a pumpkin being used as a snack holder, but gives a definite sense of fall and Halloween. 

Also, let’s talk balloon arches :: Did you know that you can make them yourselves? It’s super easy! Grab a balloon arch strip kit, the balloons {Walmart has bags of separate colors for $.97}, and you are a few steps away from building your own balloon arch! Include a few more Halloween balloons and you’re set! 


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You can’t underestimate the power of Halloween snacks. Whether you are decorating your own cupcakes or emptying a bag of candy corn in a bowl, your snack game will be on point at your Halloween party.

A few of the easiest ways to Halloween-up your kid’s favorite go to snacks involved a Sharpie and some scary faces. Putting a jack-o-lantern face on clementines {maybe with some celery on top as a stem?} or drawing a ghost face on your cheese stick wrappers gives your kids some creepy flares. Wrap your apple sauce pouches in white streamers and add some glue on eyes for a mummy surprise! 

You can also up your game by decorating popcorn balls, making mummy pizzas, PB&J with pretzels to make it look like a spider, or make candy corn Rice Krispies


My kids LOVE painting pumpkins, so that’s my number one tip. Grab some small/medium pumpkins {Trader Joes and Walmart have the best deals} or have your guests bring their own, some paints/glitter/stickers/anything to make them look cute, and let them go to town. A few grocery stores now have “Decorate your own Cookie” kits that are a great hit with my kids! 

Jazz up your party with some Halloween Bingo {I found some themed boards at the Dollar Tree} or grab a CD for a Halloween dance party! 

No matter what you do or how “extra” you might be, you are bound to have a great time at your party. Costumes or no costumes, pumpkins or no pumpkins, Halloween is a great time to let loose with your friends and eat some candy! 

Happy Halloween!!

Do you have any great party tips? 

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