Volunteering in Houston

Volunteer work has always been so important to me. By the time I had graduated high school, I had already volunteered at our local library, nursing homes, and participated in several activities to better our community through the various clubs I was in. And I absolutely loved it! So when I came to Houston to start college, volunteer work came easy to me, and somehow I became a part of various organizations that allowed me to remain active in my community, especially the Hispanic community.

These days I think about instilling volunteer work in my children, and in the future doing activities to help others as a family. This year we participated at my children’s daycare in the local adopt-a-family where we donated gifts to a family in need. Children develop a sense of giving and helping others, and volunteering with your children builds life and social skills that are so very important. The rewards are limitless, and I have grown to deeply enjoy the opportunity to give back.

If volunteering is something you feel drawn to do, you can always turn to a resource like Volunteer Houston to help you find the perfect fit.  Or if you already know where your passion lies, you can go directly to the organization to find ways to help.

March of Dimes

The March of Dimes is dedicated to “working together for stronger, healthier babies.”  While they strive to improve the health of both moms and babies, their emphasis is definitely in prematurity.  Being a premature baby myself, this is an organization that lies near and dear to my heart, and I recently had the opportunity to form a team and raise money during one of their local walks.


Local hospitals provide a range of different volunteer opportunities to help support patients, their families, and the staff.  When I worked at Texas Children’s Hospital, I often was able to just sit and hold babies in the NICU. It’s the most popular kind of volunteer work there, and I mean – who can resist. There are various applications processes and training that has to happen before you begin, but it’s so worth it.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo  is one of my favorite organizations to work with, and there are no limits to what you can do to help.  I currently serve on the Carnival Sales Committee, and this position comes with so many perks.  I have gotten to meet new people and learn new skills.  And in year’s past, I have been able to work with children as a tour guide in the Directions & Assistance Committee and even serve some delicious food as part of the Go Tejano Committee.

Your Workplace

Your employer can also be a good resource for seeking volunteer work and activities. My current job has several activities that you can participate in such as Trees for Houston, and last year we did the the Houston Heart Walk through my husband’s job. It’s only a matter of seeking out these opportunities and being open to participating.

Other Opportunities

With Houston being such a large city, the possibilities are endless! You should seek what really appeals to you, such as reading to children at your local library during story time or participating in special events like serving food on Thanksgiving at your local soup kitchen.  Even the Children’s Museum of Houston and the Houston Zoo have fun volunteer opportunities available. Most everything will involve research on your part, probably an application process, and maybe even a fee to participate. But in the end, I promise that it is all worth it and you will be so rewarded by your efforts.

I’d love to hear – what is your favorite way to give back in Houston?  Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments below!

Volunteering in Houston


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