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I’m just gonna throw this out there – I am NOT the working out type.  At least not now.  Four years and two babies ago, I was working out at least five days a week and sometimes even twice a day.  But oooh, how the times have changed.  Early morning workouts have turned into early morning nursing sessions, and evenings at the gym have turned into picking up Legos off the floor for the hundredth time in one single day.  I have traded in my workout clothes for…well, more workout clothes.  But these are being covered in spit-up way more than they are being covered in sweat.

Since the birth of my youngest, I have longed for that endorphin rush that comes with working out…but thought that it was impossible to balance being a mom with getting physically fit.  But now that I have discovered Baby Boot Camp, I think that I just might be able to have my protein shake and drink it too.  {Sorry, but the cake metaphor just didn’t seem right there!}

Working Out WITH Your Kids

I went to my first Baby Boot Camp class this week, and I have to admit…I was a little a lotta nervous!  You see, I know that I am not very physically fit anymore, and I know that my coordination is…well…not the best.  And honestly, I just didn’t want to be totally humiliated in front of a class full of super buff mamas.  But when I walked into the park on what just might have been the most gorgeous day this month, I quickly loosened up and realized that I had absolutely nothing to worry about.  The class was full of such a diverse group of women – from moms who had perfectly sculpted bodies to moms who were just embarking on their fitness journey just like me.  Nobody looked awkward or out of place.  And thankfully, I fit right in almost immediately.

Working Out WITH Your Kids (2)

Within about the first five minutes of the warm-up, I could already tell that this was like no other group fitness class I had ever been to.  It was truly a personal training experience in a group setting.  I felt supported, encouraged, and like the workout was customized just for me.  For instance, when I couldn’t hold a plank for more than a minute or so, I was given another option that was perfect for my ability level.  And I didn’t just get special treatment because I was new…the whole class was given that level of attention too.  Each mom was able to workout at their own pace and with their own modifications.  So if you are on the other side of the fitness spectrum than me, don’t you worry – these instructors will kick your toned little tushy too!

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So I know what you’re probably thinking now…  What about the kids?  What on earth are they doing the whole time you are getting this awesome workout?  And going into it – I was terribly worried about that exact same thing!  But both of my kiddos absolutely LOVED it!  The entire class was just as much for them as it was for the moms with bubbles, counting, music, and so much more.  Hayes, my oldest, was all about joining in the workout session with me.  I kid you not…this kid was rocking the squats and sprinting up and down hills right by my side.  It was so much fun to have him as a workout buddy, and I love that I am instilling positive and healthy values in him at such a young age.  And Hadley, my little bit, had an absolute ball playing on the quilt with new friends and eating a snack in her stroller in the beautiful sunshine.  There was only one little moment in time that she got kind of fussy, but I easily incorporated her into my workout…and she became my very own living medicine ball.  {A 25-pounder…that’s no joke!}  I hear that Baby Boot Camp kids hold their moms accountable when it comes to working out, and I can totally see why!  My son is already begging to go back for more, and I’m trying to explain to him that we will return soon.  We just have to wait until mom isn’t ridiculously sore anymore…

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I seriously love every little thing about Baby Boot Camp, but my most favorite thing of all is that it is so much more than just a fitness program.  It is truly it’s own little community of moms.  These mamas laugh together, sweat together, and even cry together too.  They hold bunco parties at one another’s houses and set up meal deliveries after babies are born.  I suppose there is something about doing a burpee next to someone that helps build a friendship, and at one point in the class, another mom and I had probably done a set of 50 bicep curls because we just got so carried away chatting about life.  {No wonder my arms are so sore!}

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And in the true community sense, Baby Boot Camp holds an annual competition called the Mother Love Fitness Challenge {or MOLO as the BBC mamas call it} that focuses on improving women’s health, fitness, and nutrition in a fun and supportive environment.  This challenge is a way for moms to put their health and fitness first and also learn to embrace their new mom body, regardless of the changes it may have undergone.  Contact Baby Boot Camp today to learn more about how you can join moms across the nation as they strive to be the healthiest they can be.  Just be sure to act fast – to qualify for the early bird special, you have to sign up before January 25th!

Chrissy Campbell {a former MOLO participant} had this to say about the experience…

I just wanted to find something to do outside the house with the baby at least once or twice a week.  I hoped to make a friend or two; I hoped to find people that i could talk to about Marian’s sleep problems, nursing challenges, etc.; I hoped to start to get my body back.  But I didn’t expect to find that all right away…  The MOLO Fitness Challenge and Baby Boot Camp turned out to be exactly what I needed.

And check out her awesome before and after pics too…

Baby Boot Camp MOLO Challenge

Baby Boot Camp MOLO Challenge 2

So what do you think…are you ready to join this amazing community of moms and start working out WITH your kiddos by your side?  Head over to Baby Boot Camp to find a class close to you, or check them out using the info below.  The first class is FREE, and I hope to see you there soon!

Sugar Land, Missouri City, & Richmond

Facebook | 713.515.1450 | [email protected]


Facebook | 713.392.0899 | [email protected]

West Houston

Facebook | 281.900.2858 | [email protected]

Northwest Houston & Champions

Facebook | 713.632.6895 | [email protected]

Montgomery {South}, Spring, & The Woodlands

Facebook | 713.480.3599 | [email protected]

Conroe, Montgomery {North}, & Willis

Facebook | 936.525.7892 | [email protected]

Humble & Kingwood

Facebook | 619.415.1195 | [email protected]

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[hr] Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, you can tell by the expressions in the pictures that I adore Baby Boot Camp…all thoughts and opinions are proudly my own.

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