Water Safety Awareness Month is Coming :: How You Can Prevent Tragedy

We feel honored to partner with SwimLabs-Sugar Land, especially as we head into swim season and Water Safety Month in May. We hope that you will find these tips valuable and reach out so we can prevent swimming tragedies this summer.

Last May, our four-year-old fell into a pool while we were at a party at a friend’s house. It’s one of those situations as a parent that I will never forget and will play in slow motion in my mind for the rest of my life.

We had been diligent all evening; he was wearing a Coast Guard approved swim float, my husband was within arm’s reach of him at all times but the party was winding down and almost everyone had stopped swimming. Jack was sitting on the edge of the pool and reached for a toy when he fell in. I was within three feet of him sitting on a lounge chair, but was talking with friends when I heard a splash and my friend said to me, “Is that Jack in the pool?”

I reached him within seconds, but it felt like a lifetime. Despite being upset, he was perfectly fine but the mom guilt set in quickly and I had nightmares and continued to beat myself up for days about the “what ifs.” I knew I had to enroll him in swim lessons immediately and was kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

Lessons were a slow start for him. For the first two weeks, he cried and did not want to go but I kept assuring him that his teacher would keep him safe and that sometimes, we have to do super hard things. He told me on the day of his swim test, “Mommy. The star fish float is a hard thing. But I can do it now!” The growth and confidence around the water that we have seen in him throughout the last few months is something that is invaluable to us. While it surely does not take away the need to watch him at all times in the pool, I know we are setting him up for life with these essential skills.

May is National Water Safety Month and I can’t stress enough the importance of keeping your family safe around the water. Staying close, being alert and watching children in and around the pool at all times is paramount. Learning and practicing water safety skills, including enrolling your children in swim lessons can save lives.

SwimLabs – Sugar Land is a great place to start. They offer lessons from 6 months and up, including parented lessons. And their curriculum has been developed by a team of world class swimmers with more than 30 years of teaching experience. They teach the most up-to-date swimming technique so students know how to swim the correct way, right from the start, with water safety in mind from lesson to lesson.

And their facility is state of the art, yet small, to allow kiddos to feel comfortable in and around the pool. Their technology is also used by Olympic swimmers including underwater cameras and mirrors at the bottom of the pool. In fact, their pools have constant water current just like a treadmill in the water so that swimmers can benefit from swimming in place while the coach uses the 360 degree video to analyze every angle of their stroke. So, if your child is looking to develop their skills for swim team and has a passion for the sport, SwimLabs can help!

Just in time for Water Safety Month, SwimLabs – Sugar Land is offering 20% off of your first 8 weeks of lessons! Call to register today, (281) 789-0801. 

And just as a reminder, here a few water safety tips as we head into swim season ::

  • Stay close, be alert and always watch children in and around the pool. Designate an adult “water watcher” at all times {taking shifts so everyone gets a break}, or consider hiring a certified lifeguard to help during parties.
  • Learn and practice water safety skills.
  • Install the proper safety equipment in and around your home pool. Locks on patio doors and windows {out of reach of children}, fence locks and perimeter pool safety fences are all great tools for those who have a pool at home.
  • For more tips, go to poolsafely.gov.

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