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When I started on a journey with our sponsor Medifast this summer, I was so motivated for success. I was hyped and on fire to lose all of this excess weight. My quick results certainly helped {down 10 pounds the first 2.5 weeks!}, but I began to lose steam after about 6 weeks.  Which is common with weight loss journeys and a factor to why so many people don’t succeed. So, how can you avoid the pitfalls that will knock you completely off course?

1} Remember why you started.

For me, I lost a lot of weight about 5 years ago and absolutely loved how I looked in my clothes and how I felt overall. I longed for that time again. It was helpful to me to keep photos of me at my best on my phone. I could refer to them and remind myself what I was going for!

2} Find a friend on the same journey.

Let’s face it, there are hundreds of diet plans out there. Everyone seems to be trying something. Find a friend and become accountable to them. It matters not what plan they are trying, but that you both have the same end goal – total health! Text, call, and meet up to encourage one another.

3} Reward yourself.

Set milestones for yourself. Small ones! Achievable ones! And, remember that milestones don’t have to be in pounds. It can be “I passed up donuts in the office kitchen.” That is huge!!! Keep track of your milestones and successes and reward yourself with something other than food. A pedicure at a great new spa or that adorable new handbag that you’ve had your eye on make great prizes.

medifast-14} Find your key foods.

Obviously, the key to many diets is the food you eat. With the Medifast plan I chose, I eat their food for 5 of my meals. Although I’ve tried a huge variety of things, I have my favorites. Make sure you don’t set yourself  up for failure with food you don’t like. When you pick your food at Medifast, try picking 4 things you know you love and 1 new one. Don’t be overly adventurous and choose 3 new foods in a week. If you don’t like them – you’re doomed. Mix it up, but also be realistic!

5} Give yourself permission to live.

If you are constantly declining invites from friends or staying home just to try to stay on course with your diet, you will become resentful. Give yourself room to live. Is having a piece of birthday cake on the plan? Not officially, but neither is missing out on your child’s celebration. You can have 1 small piece of cake … not the WHOLE cake! And, make a plan for those celebrations and nights out with friends. Think ahead earlier in the day and make wise choices that leave some wiggle room.

I’m now wrapping up month three of my Medifast journey, and once I got myself in check with the above advice…I once again found my groove and have continued to lose weight and feel great.  And friend, you can do this too! You can take back your health and your life. Stay on the course. I believe in you!!!

Want to join me on my journey?
Check out Medifast and all of the options they have for YOU!

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Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, the journey, the experience, and the RESULTS are all my own!

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