Why We Should Plant It Forward

We feel privileged to partner with Plant It Forward for this incredibly important movement in the Houston area. We encourage you to check out all of the links below and get connected.

Did you know that we have gems right in our own backyards here in Houston? Scattered throughout the greater Houston area are Plant It Forward farms. 

These Plant It Forward farms provide land and tools to refugees who have settled in Houston.  After these refugees {many who have spent years living in extreme conditions — just waiting to live the American dream} receive training at a model farm and some business assistance to help them sell their produce effectively, they are free to manage their own farms and small businesses.  And they do just that.  They sell their fresh produce to farmers markets, farm stands, farm shares, and restaurant sales — making that American dream a reality for these refugees.  A portion of each successful farm helps pave the way for other refugees to replicate and create more farms all across this great city, which makes this a big ol’ circle of goodness. A big ol’ circle of Plant-ing It Forward. They plant and harvest, we shop and eat, and then that success allows for the organization to train and enable more and more refugee farmers to build more and more successful farms. 

Why Should We Plant It Forward?

For the Greater Good of Our Community and To Support Our Local Economy

Houston needs more healthy, fresh and local produce, and the good news is that Plant It Forward farms can provide just that for us and our families.  Not only can we feel good about filling our families with fresh and healthy produce, but we can also feel better knowing that our monetary support is allowing refugees to have access to a better, safer and productive life here in the United States. Plant It Forward’s mission started with and still revolves around giving back to and supporting our communities.  We live in such a broken and dark world and we can’t ignore the fact that many people around the world suffer day after day in unsafe and extreme conditions.  And while there are many who can travel to these countries to provide aid to those in need, Plant It Forward provides an amazing opportunity for us here in Houston to give back to the community and contribute to the greater good of humanity on a local level all while scoring fresh produce for our tables. 

“One of the best parts of being human is other humans.  Life is hard; but people get to show up for one another.” Jen Hatmaker

For The Produce

Plant It Forward will have you trading in your grocery cart for a reusable tote and a farm share after just one visit.  These farmers and their farms provide fresh, seasonal produce for Houston. All of their food is free of chemicals, pesticides and is freshly picked when ready for sale.  They offer the fruits and vegetables that we all grew up with, as well as their farmers’ favorite produce from their homelands.  We’re talking about some of the freshest fruits and vegetables in the city — no chemicals, no GMOs. 

How You Can Plant It Forward?

  • There are already a number of  Plant It Forward farms throughout Houston with the goal for many, many more. Each farm has a Farm Stand that allows consumers to purchase freshly picked produce directly on site at one of their farms. Stop by any farm during their Farm Stand hours, browse their fresh produce, take your pick, and don’t forget to chat it up with the farmers (they love to visit with their customers)! And feel free to take the whole family — kids will especially love to see who, where, and how their dinner came from!  

  • Plant It Forward farmers can also be found selling their fresh produce at local Farmers Markets all throughout the city which provides another super convenient way for us to get our hands on their produce and help support this mission.


  • Finally, joining Plant It Forward’s unique Farm Share subscription program allows subscribers to enjoy their own weekly box of fresh and local produce on a consistent basis.  Joining is easy and simple, available anytime, and can be customized to fit your specific needs.  Subscribe for 4, 12, 24, or 52 weeks of sustainably-grown farm fresh produce and choose weekly or bi-weekly delivery.  The Farm Share membership creates a direct partnership between the customer and the farmer. This is the ultimate way to Eat Local and Support Refugees.For more information on the Farm Share Program click here.  And when you’re ready to get your subscription, sign up is easy and available online here

Plant It Forward is growing and expanding.  Be sure to follow Plant It Forward on the links below to stay up to date and connected with their growing mission. 




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