4 Times When Babywearing is a MUST

Four times Babywearing is a Must 1As we all probably know by now, there are many benefits to babywearing for babies. The close contact, the bonding, the security…  But since having my second daughter just a few short weeks ago, it has come down to an absolute necessity and is all about the benefits for ME.  After all, there is no way that I could tackle this whole mothering two children two and under thing without it.

Since entering into motherhood, I’ve done my fair share of babywearing and have always been a BabyBjorn mama, but I am now madly in love with their newly launched Baby Carrier One. For starters, they have four front and back carrying positions and can be used from newborn {no insert needed!} to 3 years.  Plus, this new carrier has extra-thick padding in the shoulder straps and an even sturdier waist belt for me, as well as a new updated look with increased focus on the wide seat area and ergonomic leg position for my sweet girl.  And getting her in and out of it? A breeze with the improved side buckles and zipper pulls that lock in place.

But back to the benefits and all of the times that babywearing has been my saving grace.  I could probably write an entire series of posts on all of the times when babywearing is a must for me, but instead I’ve broken it down to four general times in my life when I couldn’t do without it.  And as always, I’d love for you to chime in with your personal experiences with babywearing too!

Babywearing Musts

  1. When you have a newborn. Newborns don’t care that you have to do the dishes, eat lunch, or use the restroom. They prefer to be in your arms, warm and cozy at ALL times. While this is glorious and wonderful most of the time, there are some times where stuff just has to get done. When these times come around, strap that baby into your baby carrier and continue on with life as normal. Wearing your newborn will typically send them straight to dreamland and allow you a little time to start laundry or finish up dinner – so everyone wins!  {While babies may not come with a manual, baby carriers certainly do.  It’s important to note that you should always read the precautions before wearing your newborn and follow all safety measures too!}
  2. When you  have a newborn AND a toddler. With my first daughter I thought babywearing was great when I needed to get things done around the house or wanted to be hands free for whatever I was doing at the time. Then she grew up, and we had another baby girl. Now, babywearing is necessary to help me with day to day tasks like making my toddler’s breakfast, playing with her, and keeping her from doing all the awesome things toddlers like to do…including her attempts to run out of sight at the park.  SO thankful for our BabyBjorn in moments like those!  Oh, and since my current baby carrier can be used for little ones up to 3, I can even put my toddler in it when needed too!!
  3. When you can’t use a stroller. Inevitably, there are times where strollers just aren’t practical. They are bulky and difficult to maneuver and for things like shopping and outdoor events they sometimes aren’t even allowed. Babywearing to the rescue! There is no need to miss out on these fun events when you can wear your precious little one in your carrier and leave the stroller at home.
  4. When you’re traveling. If I’m being completely honest – traveling with a baby kind of stinks. It’s stressful, and no matter how much you plan for the trip, something unexpected always comes up. Whether it be a flight delay, a cancellation, or a sick kiddo, it seems like there’s always something. Babywearing can make the experience a little less stressful and much more comfortable for both the parent and the baby. In my opinion, comfort is the number one reason to wear your little one when navigating an airport or trying to walk from Point A to Point B in a new city. Babywearing always comes in so helpful and makes traveling stink just a little less.

Babywearing Post-BjornI could go on and on and on with all of the times that baby wearing has saved my sanity, but instead – we are just going to give one of you the opportunity to win a BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One so that you can see for yourself too!  {Or if you’re impatient and want a sure deal, you can always just purchase this item.}  Enter below, and good luck…

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Please Note :: While this may be a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions about BabyBjorn are completely my own.

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