Fun Ideas for Big Brother / Big Sister Gifts

With my second child being only weeks away, my anxiety level is on high for how a new baby will affect my two year old firstborn.  I want him to be excited for baby brother and not feel anxious or worried about how this will affect his life and routine.  One way that I’m choosing to channel this anxiety is by reading lots of books about this very topic and by putting together a little “Big Brother” gift that we will give him at the hospital when he visits that we’ll say is from the baby.  I’m hoping this will serve as part distraction, part excitement, part positive energy, and part education around all of the changes.

Whether you choose to give the “Big Sibling” gift to your child at the hospital, when the baby comes home or before the baby is born, here are a few ideas of what to give…

Big Brother Big Sister Gifts

Baby Doll or Stuffed Animal


What better way to get your kiddo on board with a new baby than for them to take care of a baby of their own!  And no – baby dolls are not just for girls.  I found the sweetest little boy doll to give to my son since he’s getting a little brother.  Another recommendation on a doll is the Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Dolls that come in girl and boy versions and also have accessories like a “Bringing Home Baby Set” and a precious “Bath Set”.

New Toy or “Busy Basket”

Another idea aside from a doll is to get them something that will excite them and distract them…a new toy you know they will love and occupy their attention for a bit.  I grabbed a new bath toy for Jack as he LOVES his special bath time every night with his daddy.  This will be something fun that will remain a constant in his life.

A busy basket is the same idea – a bunch of independent play activities to keep them occupied while you are tending to the new baby.  Think stickers, coloring books, puzzles.  You could even include all of the contents to make a welcome home sign for the new baby!

Matching “Big Sibling / Little Sibling” T-shirts


Imagine how proud big brother or big sister will be wearing a cute shirt showing off their new title.  I love the Etsy Shop Little Hipster Tees for matching Little Sibling / Big Sibling tees and onesies.



This is a great gift to use in preparation of a new baby or soon after the baby is born.  Reading is always a special time in our house.  Make it even more special by reading relatable stories about a growing family.

Kid Digital Camera

I’m sure there will be lots of picture taking of the new baby, so get your older ones involved in the fun with their own kid-friendly camera.  I just ordered this version by V-Tech!

Birthday Party / Cake for the New Sibling

If you don’t need anymore “stuff” in your life {totally understand!}, you could consider throwing a “birthday party” for the new baby.  Or you could drop the birthday party spin and make it a “Big Sibling” party when you come home from the hospital.  Some fellow HMB contributors even had a birthday cake presented by the hospital for the sibling – there are lots of ways to do this, but the idea is just to make all of these changes FUN for your older kids.

Your turn! What did you do for your older kids {if anything} when you welcomed a new baby into your family? I’d love to hear!

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