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I’m having a really hard time with this one, y’all.  I don’t know why…my story is pretty much rainbows and sunshine, but I think it’s the idea of becoming a mother in one big moment that just seems so huge and overwhelming.  Nonetheless…here we go!

How We GOT to the Big Moment ::

Being a mom has been on the top of my to-do list for as long as I can remember.  Pretty much the day Josh and I said “I do,” I called up my ob/gyn for a little pre-pregnancy consult. {They do that…I highly recommend it.}  Our convo basically went like this…

Me :: I’m here because I’ve never had a regular cycle.  I haven’t had a period in 6 months, but I’m not pregnant.  I have a feeling something isn’t quite right.  I’m ready for babies – what do we do?

SuperDoc :: Calm down, calm down.  We’re going to do some blood work, try a few things, and if nothing happens, we’ll bring in the Clomid {the drug that makes you ovulate}.  It’s no big deal.

Me :: Okay, sounds great.

{Fast forward 3 cycles.}

SuperDoc :: You still aren’t ovulating, so if you are serious about getting pregnant – it’s time for the Clomid.  Here’s the prescription.  Only fill it when you are ready…there is an increased risk of multiples.

I just remember thinking, “Why does he keep saying RISK of multiples?”  Hahaha!!!  I was so naive!  So, so, so naive.  Needless to say, I filled the prescription, took it that very month, and a few weeks later I was staring at a positive pregnancy test.  Josh was at work when I took the test, and there was no way I was going to make it until he got home to tell.  So I called him and my best friend crying because it wasn’t supposed to be that easy.  My body didn’t work.  I was expecting months or years of a struggle.  I just didn’t believe that it was real.

I went in for blood work and a couple of days later, SuperDoc called me to say that the numbers looked great.  They looked so great that I could even come in for an ultrasound a week or two earlier than most.  {I should have known right here that we had two little pups cooking.  Totally naive remember?!?!?}  I did have a dream that week that we were going to have twins.  Josh and I laughed about it when we woke up the next morning…laughed and I think for the first time thought – ahhhhh, this twin thing is a real possibility.  When we went in for the ultrasound the idea of  two babies didn’t feel so far away and unrealistic anymore.  Those two sacs popped right up there, clear as day on the screen, and we didn’t scream…or faint.  Ha!  The ultrasound tech was like, “Did y’all hear me say TWINS?!?!?”  Hahaha!  We heard her, and we were pumped and ready.  The office staff whooped and high-fived Josh on the way out of the scan, as if to say, “Way to go, stud.  Way to get it done!”

ultrasound collage

We were glowing, elated, beaming…all of it.  We rushed home to surprise our parents with the double sac ultrasound photo.  We all cried and hugged and celebrated and then moved right into planning mode!  Ignorance is bliss, and that was our motto all the way through.  I had an easy pregnancy and 9 months breezed by.

Baby Day ::

I chatted with my doctor the morning of March 26, 2010.  We talked about everything looking great, and we were so excited to be at 35.5 weeks.  We thought I was going to make it to 37 weeks, and when I got there, we might even talk about going to 38.  Hahaha!  Skip ahead to 3 am that night.  I got up to go to the bathroom, and…ohhhhhh hellloooooo, my water broke.  We made the call to our doctor and headed to the hospital.  {The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, my friends.  I’ve had 2 great deliveries there.  It’s a good place.}  We got to the hospital around 4 am and BAM – two baby girls at 6:11 am and 6:13 am by c-section.  Just like that, y’all….I became a mother.

Off to the NICU the girls went, weighing 5 lbs 12 oz and 4 lbs 7 oz.  I had already prepped myself for this mentally.  Twins are typically early and small, so I just assumed they would spend some time in the NICU.  They received special intensive care for a little over 24 hours and then were wheeled to my room, assigned a regular nursery nurse, and I was in charge.  I remember this exact moment that occurred a few shorts hours after they came to my room…


I was somehow alone, and the girls were in bassinets on either side of my hospital bed.  They both started crying, and my heart just raced.  I thought oh no, oh no, oh no!  I scooped one up {from sitting position on the bed}, scooped the other one up, put them both in my lap, grabbed the pacis, and in a matter of seconds they stopped crying.  So easy!!  Ha!

Reflection ::

For me, the feeling of being a mother wasn’t instantaneous.  I knew that I would do anything for these two little people that I was now responsible for, but the love, admiration, joy {all of the mushy stuff} – it happened for me gradually.  It happened the first time I successfully breast fed both girls at the same time.  It happened when I survived months of not sleeping.  It happened when they first smiled.  It happened when we made it through the first stomach bug, first fever, first ear infection.  It happened when they turned one.  It happened when they started walking, talking, eating big people food.  It happened when we figured out how to all snuggle on the couch together.  It happens at bedtime every single night, when the highs and lows of the day are gone, and I take my first long deep breath.


I was taught how to be a mother by one of the very best.  Although she is no longer with us, my mom prepped me for this amazing mothering journey each day of the 20 years we had together.  My favorite moments as a mom are when I catch myself acting just like her.  I’ll hear myself say something she always said or make a dinner she made or play a game she played.  And that’s when it all comes full circle for me…makes me want to do it again and again!

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Jessica and Sarah
Jessica and Sarah are tandem bloggers and self-dubbed ‘sister-cousins’ because sometimes the lines get blurred, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Both New Orleans natives, these cousins transplanted to Houston after Hurricane Katrina and have never looked back. Jessica is the mother of twin girls, Laine and Olivia {March 2010}, and a sweet and curious one year old boy, Owen {Jan 2013}. Sarah is mom to Maggie {Aug 2011}, who keeps her on her toes, and the most adorable little brother, Jack {Nov 2013}! By day, Jessica is a stay at home mom, and Sarah works on the financial and managerial end of the healthcare industry. By naps, lunch breaks, and nights, they run an adorable children’s clothing company called The Little Crane Smocked Shoppe. Follow these two, their families, and their adventures in small business ownership on their blog…and don’t forget to show them some love at their shop too!


  1. Great story, Jessica. I remember hearing you were pregnant with twins and thinking how perfect that was for you and Josh. Your girls couldn’t be cuter, and they are so lucky to have you and Josh as parents. 🙂

  2. My sweet little teeny tiny baby girls!!! Where does the time go!

    Ida is for sure watching you and beaming with admiration as she watched you become a mother (x3!) and navigate this crazy job! I can’t wait to teach the girls (and Owey) how amazing she was and as they grow up see them recognize that it transferred right into you!!

    I also see you it again and again…I can’t wait for that next again! I Love you Giggy!

  3. Awwww those little girls are just TOO precious! I love that close-up newborn pic. And I can’t even imagine the emotions of how I’d feel if I saw two little babies there on the ultrasound! So crazy! Cheers to motherhood, indeed!!

  4. Jess! Great story! Your mom would sure be proud of the mom she raised in you!! You’ve got three gorgeous babies…just wish I got to see them more 🙁 Dang residency moves! Thanks for sharing your story, Jess!

  5. I knew from the moment I met you – you would be a loving Mother! So caring and sensitive to my precious boy as his 2nd grade teacher. We hold a special spot for you in our book of life!!

  6. So beautifully written, Jessica! Made my eyes water reading your story as I thought about my own with Shira. Such an honor and joy to be Mommy to these sweet babes!! And so fun to share the journey of motherhood with amazing mothers like yourself!!


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