Take the Girls’ Trip:: How Time Away Will Make You a Better Mom

Shortly before COVID hit, an email appeared in my inbox one day. “We’re planning a girls’ trip for a big 4-0 birthday… Who’s in?”

Take the Girls' Trip:: How Time Away Will Make You a Better MomI read the email twice and then marked it as unread so I could come back to it later. Hmm. A girls’ trip. That sounded like SO. MUCH. FUN. But… there were so many ”buts” running through my mind. But it’s happening soon. But the kids need me. But it’ll be expensive. But how will my husband manage? BUT… what if I actually went?

When my husband got home later that day, I casually slipped the idea of the trip into casual conversation. Unsurprisingly, he was totally for it. My husband is amazingly supportive like that. “You should go, babe. It’ll be fun. I’ve got the kids.” So, I had his blessing but I was still on the fence. This would be only my second time ever leaving the kids overnight. I knew they would be in good hands, but I kept thinking:: is it selfish to take 4 days for myself? They need me… 

I texted my bestie to get her opinion and the flashing dots appeared immediately. “YOU DESERVE THIS. YOU NEED A BREAK. GOOOOO.” Everyone was pushing me to do this for myself. But why was it so hard for me to take the plunge? Because mom guilt is real. 

Take the Girls' Trip:: How Time Away Will Make You a Better MomFlash forward one month:: Decision made. Plane ticket booked. Arrangements finalized. I was going to Arizona with the gals for a long weekend! And y’all, I cannot tell you how glad I am that I did. Because that weekend was absolutely wonderful. I hadn’t realized how much I needed some girl time until I was in the thick of it. Time with your friends is so good for the soul. It was a weekend filled with uninterrupted great conversations, lots of laughter, tons of good food and wine, and plenty of trash TV binging {anyone remember that Netflix show Love is Blind? I was obsessed}.

So, my point is this::  if you have an opportunity to do something for yourself, mama, take it. It’s our instinct to always put our families before ourselves, but the truth is, self-care is just as, if not more so, important. We’ve got to invest in ourselves in order to take care of our kids. So, whether it’s hopping on a plane to take a quick weekend girls’ trip like I did or simply carving out some time to take a long bubble bath one night:: do it. You will be a better mother for it in the long run. Sometimes motherhood can rob us of the identities we had before the children… I needed that weekend away to remember that I am still me. 

PS- If you’re looking for a fun girls’ trip idea— we had a fantastic time in Flagstaff, Arizona, and its surrounding cities. There’s a little something for everyone there:: shopping, hiking, or eating! For me personally, being amidst all that gorgeous nature and scenery was very refreshing and absolutely magical! 


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