Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013

The beginning of 2014 marks exactly four months since our launch, and not a day goes by that we are not blown away by your encouragement and support.  Houston Moms Blog has gone from just a twinkle in my eye to a community of moms with over 3500 followers across social media and countless pageviews to the blog per day.  It is nothing short of amazing, and I am both humbled and honored to be the fearless leader of such a beautiful thing!

As I look back at all of the wonderful content that was written and helpful advice given, I am filled with gratitude for the amazing team of mamas who contribute to this blog every day.  You may not realize it, but they work so very hard to snap beautiful pictures, write the very best words, and then share little {and sometimes really BIG} pieces of their life with all of you.  And it does not go without notice.  By me…and by all of you!  So here you have it – the top 10 most viewed blog posts of 2013.  Take a minute to read the ones you have missed, reread the ones that inspired you, and be sure to share the ones you love.

Thank you for reading along with us, and cheers to all that 2014 is sure to bring!

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013

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10. Holidays in Houston :: Tiny Hands Forever

Michelle A gives a tutorial on how to create a precious salt dough ornament that will help you treasure those sweet little hands forever and ever.

9. Don’t Throw Away Your Holiday Cards! 

Misty shares a super smart and super easy way to preserve those beloved holiday cards for months {or even years!} to come.  This is a DIY you will definitely want to do!

8. My Adjustments to Being a Stay at Home Mom

Channing gets deep and shares the emotional struggles she faced as she took the leap from working mom to stay at home mom of three precious blonde-headed girls.

7. A Meaningful Christmas with Max the Elf

Channing has found a way to create a meaningful Christmas for her little ones using their beloved Elf on the Shelf – Max, and in this post she is sharing some tips for all of you.

6. Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness :: Sarah’s Story

Sarah opens up and beautifully expresses the loss, the grief, and the survival that comes with pregnancy loss.  Grab the tissue box…her strength is simply awe-inspiring!

5. Lauren :: How I Became a Mother {Guest Post}

Lauren {a sweet friend of ours who just so happens to be a mom to sextuplets!} shares her inspirational journey through infertility and into motherhood times SIX!

4. AGoholics Anonymous {Guest Post}

Rachael {our hilarious friend and fellow blogger} gives insight into a serious and prevalent problem sweeping across girl moms everywhere – American Girl Addiction.

3. Taking It Off :: The Start of My Weight Loss Journey

Michelle T reveals her personal weight battle and the steps she is going to take to turn the fight around, as well as five tips for kick starting a lifestyle change that anyone can follow.

2. A Mom’s Guide to Holiday Events in Houston

Michelle T created a list of holiday happenings going on in and around Houston including family-friendly events, light celebrations, musicals, and Santa sightings.

1. Misty :: How I Became a Mother

Misty gives an intimate view as to how she became a mother the adoptive, step, and biological way.  Hope you didn’t put the tissue box away yet because you will surely need it again for this one!

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